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A Quiz for people who suspect they or a loved one may have a sexual addiction problem. The test is designed to reveal the extent of the problem and recommend solutions.

Signs Of Sexual Addiction-Quiz

Whether you're the addict, the spouse, or the children, sexual addictions can warp family life by harming relationships and causing the addict to see others as little more than objects of sexual gratification.  If you suspect you have a sexual addiction, you can take this quiz to find out the extent of your addiction and what actions you should take to get control.  If you're the spouse of a suspected addict, you can compare what you've witnessed with the items on the test to see how extensive the addiction is.  I'm sure this quiz will be as uncomfortable for you to take as it is for me to prepare. 

Sex and Porn Addiction Quiz:

Answer each question "yes" or "no"

A.  Sexual and Pornographic Thought Life:
    1.  Do you imagine sexual body parts or activities more than a few times a week?
    2.  When these imaginations occur, do you find yourself dwelling on these thoughts?
    3.  Do you view nude images in books or on the Internet?
    4.  Do you view images of sexual body parts?
    5.  When you see underwear ads or commercials, do you think about sex?
    6.  When viewing sexually suggestive TV programming, do you pause or replay the images?
    7.  When making love with your spouse, do you find yourself thinking of other people?
    8.  When you see people of the opposite sex, do you find yourself looking at their sexual body parts?
    9.  Do you view pornographic materials featuring children or young teens?
    10.  Do you have sexual thoughts about children or young teens?
    11.  Have you thought about how you could seduce a particular child or young teen?

B.  Sexually Addictive Actions:
    1.  Do you masturbate while imagining sexual images, viewing explicit materials or remembering people you've seen?
    2.  Have you ever masturbated to the point of not being sexually interested in you spouse?
    3.  Do you attend "adult" theaters or drive-ins?
    4.  Do you visit nude (partially or totally) night clubs or strip clubs?
    5.  Do you engage in cyber-sex or phone sex?
    6.  Do you visit peep shows, where people display their sexual organs?
    7.  Do you engage in spouse swapping or orgy type behavior?
    8.  Do you ever pressure your spouse for sex when they don't feel like it?
    9.  Do you ever pressure your spouse to engage in sexual behavior they're uncomfortable with?
    10.  Do you use prostitutes?
    11.  Do you masturbate while thinking about children or young teens?
    12.  Do you masturbate while viewing pornographic images of children or young teens?
    13.  Do you think about children or young teens while making love with your spouse?
    14.  Do you masturbate often while thinking about a particular child or young teen?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions in A or B above you may or may not be sexually addicted.  You should visit our page Addiction And Sex to get more information and use these questions to check your actions and thoughts for the next 3 months.   

If you answered "yes" to 4 or more questions from A and B above, you have a tendency toward sexual addiction.   You should visit our page Addiction And Sex to get more information, find a trusted friend (your spouse should be this trusted friend) to help you use these questions to check your actions and thoughts for the next 3 months.

If you answered "yes" to 8 or more questions from A and B above, it is likely you have a sexual or pornographic addiction.  You should visit our page Addiction And Sex to get more information, find a trusted friend (your spouse should be this trusted friend) to go with you to a professional counselor to verify your test findings and help you heal.

If you answered "yes" to any of questions 9-11 of section A or any of questions 11-14 of section B, you have a tendency to become a pedophile.  Obviously, the more of these questions you answered "yes" to, the stronger your tendency is.  To make sure this stops before causing serious harm, you and your trusted friend should get an appointment as soon as possible with a professional counselor, review your answers to these questions and answer the counselor's questions completely and honestly.  This can be healed if you're willing to bring it into the light.

If you're using these questions to check the behavior of a family member, keep in mind they're probably trying to hide it.  If you've seen any of the above behavior, lovingly recommend they take this test and offer to be their trusted friend.

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