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20 Reasons To Quit Smoking can help you figure out the reasons you want to quit. This is the key to quit smoking. Our tips, methods and aids pages can help you learn how to quit smoking, but this page will help you know why.

20 Reasons To Quit Smoking:

No quit smoking method or aid will work unless you have a good reason to quit.  This page is designed to help you figure out why you're quitting so the method you choose will work.  It's part of our Tips To Quit Smoking pages, including Quit Smoking Effects, Ways To Quit Smoking, and Quit Smoking Aids.  The most important part of your quit smoking program is your reason.  If the following 20 reasons are not enough, these popular books can give you over 1,400 reasons to quit smoking.

1.  Quit smoking to improve your sense of can enjoy flowers, food, fresh air, your spouse, etc. far better when you can smell.

2.  Quit smoking to improve your sense of taste...did I mention food?  You won't believe what you're missing.

3.  Quit smoking to improve your sense of touch...fingers, toes, and other places you like being touched...need I say more?

4.  Quit smoking to improve your breath.  You can't smell it, but non-smokers can.

5.  Quit smoking to improve your smell.

6.  Quit smoking to improve your skin tone and texture...the oils make your skin look and feel older.

7.  Quit smoking to reduce wrinkles...smoking causes premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.

8.  Quit smoking to make you more don't taste very good to non-smokers.

9.  Quit smoking to improve the color of your teeth and fingers...yes, they are yellow...and will be brown.

10.  Quit smoking for more energy and all physical and mental exertion situations, non-smokers do better.  Yes, even sexual stamina.

11.  Quit smoking so you will be more patient.  Smoking addiction raises irritation levels.

12.  Quit smoking so you will be more calm.  Addiction causes anxiety that smoking temporarily relieves.

13.  Quit smoking to avoid cancer of the lip, nose, tongue, throat, lung, among others.

14.  Quit smoking to avoid heart attack, stroke and vascular diseases.

15.  Quit smoking to avoid asthma, emphysema and other pulmonary diseases.

16.  Quit smoking to save your loved ones from the above diseases, second-hand.

17.  Quit smoking to keep your children from smoking.

18.  Quit smoking to save lots of money ($ 40-80 per month for cigarettes and 5% on insurance).

19.  Quit smoking so your loved ones don't have to worry so much about you.

20.  Quit smoking to be free.

Finally, sometimes we need more help to quit smoking than information, aids and methods provide.  Smoking is an addiction.  Like any other addiction, sometimes it requires healing the underlying cause before we can end the addiction.  Addiction is caused by an emptiness or low self-esteem that causes us to use substances to try and fill the void.  The only One who can fill this void in us is God.  If you want help from God to quit smoking, click God help me.

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