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It's possible to escape the prison of sexual addiction.  Learn how to live in recovery from unnatural compulsions by using a simple, proven technique.

Sexual Addiction Recovery And The BAR Cycle

Yes, it's possible to end the cycle of increasingly unnatural behavior and self-loathing that is sexual addiction.  Whether your particular practice involves porn, strangers, or just yourself or your spouse, you can regain control.  Like any other compulsive disorder, sexual addiction demands increasing energy, effort and money, but, with equal effort, you can stop it.  This article shares simple, proven methods for sexual addiction recovery. 

What Is Sexual Addiction?  Let's start by an understanding of the definition of sexual addiction.  Sex addiction is a chronic compulsion to mentally dwell on, plan, attempt or carry out unusual sexual activity.  This activity is most often associated with pornography, Sadomasochism, indecent exposure, multiple partners, etc.  I'm not going to make a judgment about homosexuality, but if you're doing it and feel it's unnatural, the solutions in this article will help.  Still, a person can be addicted to sex, totally within the confines of faithful marriage, if there are unnatural demands as to the frequency or behaviors during intercourse.  A sexual addict desires increasingly frequent or bizarre behavior, just as an alcoholic desires more and stronger drinks, over time.

Addiction isn't just thinking about spicing up your love life.  Almost everyone has bizarre sexual thoughts and dismisses them as soon as they enter their minds.  While addicts justify nurturing those thoughts and increasingly pressure their partner to gratify them, everyone else feels guilty about the thoughts and tries to force them from their minds.  Addicts are compelled to act out their addictions while others control themselves and put their minds on other things.

Sex And Chemical Addiction: Sexual addiction, like any addiction, grows in someone as they continue to harbor the erotic thoughts and act on them.  Addicts literally reprogram their sex drives from normal, to increasingly unnatural behaviors.  All of the chemicals that produce the feeling of sexual attraction and satisfaction are unnaturally redirected toward the unnatural object of the sex addict's desire, be that animals, images, children, etc.  It just feels like love, and, what can be harmful about that?  They know it's wrong, but feel compelled by their sex drive to continue.  This is a chemical addiction as controlling and difficult to overcome as any IV drug addiction.   

Why Can't I Just Quit?  With a drug addiction like that, many sex addicts need professional treatment and often drug therapy to get it under control.  You can't just quit if you've been abusing meth or heroine for very long.  Sexual compulsions are just like that.  You build up temptation until the desire is so strong you take action, which produces the flood of chemicals that relax you and make you feel euphoric.  Then self-loathing sets in, making you feel worse about yourself and leading to the temptation to gain that euphoria again...only this time it takes more to get the same result.  Your guilt and self-loathing combine to strengthen the addiction.

Recovery With The BAR Cycle:   You can recover from this!  By using the BAR Cycle, we can reprogram our sex drives back to normal and live in recovery from sexual addictions.  By attacking the Belief part of the BAR Cycle, we build our self-esteem and eventually reduce or eliminate the need to behave in sexually unnatural ways.  When we're reprogramming our Belief, instead of building up temptation, the longer we go without gratifying our addiction, the better we feel about ourselves and the easier it is to resist temptation.

We change our Belief by replacing every unnatural sexual thought, self-destructive thought, and self-talk with positive, beautiful, praiseworthy thoughts.  We replace EVERY tempting thought until it becomes a habit and happens almost automatically!  We also change our Belief by taking actions.  Instead of spending time mentally dwelling on unnatural sexual experiences, we can do volunteer work, garden, build jigsaw puzzles...whatever it takes to take our thoughts off of destructive things.  In fact, the more unselfish, productive and helpful your actions, the better you'll feel about yourself and the faster and easier you'll get control or your sexual addiction.  The longer you do this, the more you'll be a person who couldn't think of doing that.  A few years from now, you could be blessed with a reminder of who you used to be and hardly recognize that person.

We can recover from sexual addiction.  All we need to do is take the same thought, time and energy we used for sex addiction and devote it to using the BAR cycle recovery techniques.  Recovery from any compulsion is difficult, but it's possible if we're willing to put in the work.  Considering all the dangers and disgust involved in sexual addictions, let's get to work, together, to become pure again.

I want you to know there is someone who can help you quit, who loves you and wants only the best for you.  That someone is God.  If you want help from God, just click on Help Me God.

What sexual addiction recovery techniques do you use?

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