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Help to learn what to do if you or a loved one has an addiction to prescription drug abuse. Our Signs of Drug Addiction Quiz can help determine the extent of the problem and where to go for solutions.

Addiction By Prescription

You go to the doctor with a problem...a back injury, for instance...and he solves the problem.  Well, at least he reduces the pain with a drug that seems like a miracle.  Now, with a manageable amount of pain, you can live something approaching normal life.  You're happy!  The doctor is happy.  Then the prescription runs out.  They can't fix your back and they can only give you this drug temporarily.  You go to another doctor, and another.  You find yourself putting friends up to going to the doctor, even trying to "score" from strangers on a street-corner.  You find yourself lying to people you love.  Even if you never used a "recreational" drug, you begin to think of yourself as 'one of them'.  This new, negative self image seems to feed the addiction and place you in a downward spiral...(drug, guilt, self-loathing, self-pity, drug, guilt...)  If you're wondering whether you're addicted, take our Signs Of Drug Addiction Quiz.  To get more information, try these recent top-selling books about prescription drug addiction

We used pain-killers as the example, but similar situations can arise from taking prescription muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and even the many different impotence drugs.  In fact, any drug that's prescribed can be addictive to some people.  Though some narcotics have more physical addictive properties, it isn't really the drug, but the user that's prone to addiction.  Also, make sure you're doing the right things to help them by visiting Codependency-Test-Definition.

Causes of Prescription Medication Addiction:

We've come to regard prescription drug addiction as an illness, expecting the sober ones to support the addicts, clean up their messes and be supportive and uplifting at the same time.  Unfortunately, this kind of attitude is denial of the problem.  If our sober loved ones follow this thinking, they are actually enabling us to continue in this self-destructive behavior.  What causes addiction is a sense that something is missing from our lives...a need for something more.  This emptiness drives us to abuse substances to try to fill the void, but, since they only dull the feeling of emptiness, we grow more deeply addicted with every dose.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment:

With most prescription drug addictions, it is necessary to clinically withdraw the addict from the physical addiction.  Their body becomes 'dependant' on these chemicals such that 'cold turkey' withdrawal can cause serious injury.  If you suspect you're addicted to a prescription drug always seek the help of a licensed physician before quitting.  Once the physical danger is past, it is not good to continue on the new drug therapy...for obvious reasons.  Someone who has an addictive nature can become addicted to the treatment.  There are many who believe that psychological therapy or drug therapy, or both, will cure any addiction.  This is not the case.  Neither drugs nor psychology do anything to get at the true cause of addiction...the sense of emptiness.  A psychologist can teach you all about self-esteem, but if they could actually raise someone's self-esteem, you'd think there wouldn't be as many psychologists killing themselves.  This doesn't mean the situation is hopeless.  If you're serious about getting help for your problem, there is a cure...not a treatment...a cure!

The Cure:   We addicts can live happy, fulfilling lives, free of the craving of prescription drugs.  Once the physical addiction has been treated, you're ready to take action on the cause of your addictive nature.  You don't have to become addicted to an addiction treatment.  You don't have to become addicted to a counselor.  You don't have to become addicted to the 12 steps.  There is a "higher power" that can fill that void in you and free you from addiction.  Take a look at what happened to 75% of the participants in the early AA program.  It wasn't the 12 steps that freed them from addiction.  Just as with alcohol, work, food, power, money, education, or anything else we can get.

Prescription Drug Abuse Cure:

Whatever we're addicted to, it isn't some "system" that heals's a loving God that fills our void and makes us whole.  AA works because the 12 steps lead to that loving God.  Hey, no one is going to tell you it will be easy.  Quitting prescription drugs is probably the hardest thing you'll ever do.  It's just that...with's possible, if you want to be healed.  God healed me from drug and alcohol addiction.  I know He can heal you.  There is no one more deserving of His help than you.  If you want God's help, click here.

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