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Help to protect, develop, teach and encourage your K-6 kids as they move into a dangerous and confusing World. Find many pages and resources to help you and your children grow.

First, a little confession:  I don't have kids!  What I'm sharing, I've learned from counseling and observing hundreds of parents with their kids, seeing how things turned out, and reading what development specialists have written.  The methods I'm recommending are the most successful I've seen actually used.

K-6 Parenting

If you were fortunate enough to be the full-time influence over your children from birth to Kindergarten, unless you're independently wealthy, those days have come and gone.  Now, it's time to guide them through the frightening maze of good and bad classmates good and bad grades, and good and bad teachers.  Here are the latest top-selling Books On K-6 Kids and Parenting Ideas.  These are the years of bullies and scraped knees.  If you've done a good job building a relationship up until now, this may just be your favorite years with your child.  This won't be an exhaustive study, but, hopefully, we can give you some key points and resources where to dig further in areas you want to.

K-6 Parenting Strategy:

For the first 4-5 years of your kid's life, you are the chief influence on them.  This changes from Kindergarten on.  Now, your kids spend as many waking hours with other adults and children as they do with you.  Let the games begin!  The kids will be bombarded with conflicting messages about right and wrong, marriage, family, sexuality, God, money, drugs, etc.  Your job is to keep them from being knocked off of the path, while teaching them to think for themselves, judge difficult situations, take risks, succeed and fail...quite the job, isn't it?  Fortunately, you have 7 years to get the job done.  You start with the child almost totally dependent on you for decisions about food, clothing, activities, play.  At the end, they're making many of their own decisions.  So, gradually, you need to move from boss to advisor (and safety net).  Many parents don't make this change, forcing their children to rebel in order to grow.  It takes emotional maturity to go from being someone's whole world to being in the margins of their life, but the kids aren't the only ones growing, if you're going to make it.

K-6 Parenting and Example:

On our page, Parenting Aggressive Toddler, we discussed the importance of example...being the kind of people you want your children to be.  It is no less important in K-6.  They will pick up every little difference between what you do and what you say...every one.  As they get older, they'll confront you on some of these, but every single one will affect their lives.  Enough said?

K-6 Parenting and Schools:

Be involved!  If their teacher and principle know you by name, you're involved enough.  You should have a cooperative relationship with the's your kid.  Be ready to move your child if the school isn't responding to the child's unique learning needs or isn't controlling school bullies or disruptors.  Don't buy the ADD diagnosis.  Instead of drugs, get them into a school that can give them more attention.  As the public schools become more centrally controlled, the teaching becomes less flexible and personal and more bureaucratic...this is the nature of big government, not the fault of the teacher, or the student.  Be willing to purchase specialized tutoring services or software, move to home school or good private school if necessary.  This is a far more important budget item than what brand sneakers or toys they have or what size house you have.  If money is an issue, visit our pages, Financial Management Planning Help.

K-6 Parenting and After School Activities:

As you transition your kids from your influence to other adults, carefully choosing the other adults is key.  Even if you can't control the adult influence of a public school, you can pick activities outside of school that reinforce what you want in your child.  There are many girls and boys clubs, 4H, sports, scouts, etc. that teach important principles.  Don't rule out a large church or synagogue...many of them have outstanding children's programs that teach solid values and include fun programs, like camp, sports, performing arts, etc.  Make sure any of these organizations is teaching the principles you want, and find out what their pedophile screening process is (finger prints and references are minimum) before you let your child participate in anything.  Yes, even the churches!  See our Child Sexual Abuse pages for more information.  As your child is around adults and other children who follow the same values you're teaching them, they become certain, subconsciously, that these things are right.  I can't overstate how important this is, as your child hears you less and less with every passing year.

Conclusion at K-6 Parenting-2

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