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Help to learn about, prevent and recover from the various forms of sexual abuse, including child molestation, incest and rape, etc. You'll find many pages and resources to help you heal.

Sexual Abuse-Help To Recover

This sexual abuse page has been replaced by a series of pages to help heal from the many types of sexual abuse, suffered as children or adults.  Here is a list of those pages:

Child Sexual Abuse is to discuss sexual abuse suffered as a child and to help you heal no matter how old you are.  It also contains many resources and links to other sexual abuse pages.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention covers many common sense actions you can take to help protect your child from sexual predators.

Signs Of Child Molestation covers common signs of child sexual abuse, what to do if you suspect your child may be the victim of a sexual predator and links to other resources.

Child Sexual Abuse Recovery continues the discussion from the child sexual abuse page through the recovery process.

Incest Survivors Help is dedicated to help people understand and recover from the unique sexual abuse of incest.  While we cover molestation on the child sexual abuse pages, this page specializes in healing from incest between children or consenting adults.

Rape Victims Help provides help, support, advice and resources for people who were forcibly brutilized by and act of rape.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Not Victims is an article discussing the reasons we have to survive and recover from the sexaul abuse we suffered.

Help to survive and recover from other forms of abuse can be reached through Abuse Survivors Recovery.

Abuse Recovery Help Forum - Support group for recovery from sexual abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape, etc.

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