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Help and hope for incest survivors to recover from the devastating effects of incest. Find helpful information, resources and encouragement from people who have been there to regain a normal, happy life.

Incest Survivors Help

Stop:  If you have recently been pressured to have sexual relations with a family member, call 1.800.656.HOPE   This is the number for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.  They can help you begin your recovery process so you can get back to a normal happy life..

Incest Survivors Help:

Incest is a very specific name for sexual abuse between family members.  It's been around as long as there have been humans.  About 3,500 years ago, a Prince, bent on having an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, faked an illness and raped her when she came to visit him.  This prompted a civil war that threatened to end the empire.  When we refer to incest, we specifically mean a sexual relationship between two children or between two consenting adults.  We cover incest between an adult and a child on our page Child Sexual Abuse.  Incest between an adult and a non-consenting adult requires force, so we cover this on our page Rape Victims Help.  Unless we're talking about rape or child sexual abuse, incest involves something that makes it even more painful and difficult to recover from...consent.  Whether you're a child, as I was, or an adult, having a sexual relationship of any kind with a family member leaves deep scars of humiliation and guilt.  Everything in us says it's wrong, but still we proceed.  Our motivation may be curiosity, sexual addiction or fear of violence (as in my case), but after it's done, there is just guilt, self-loathing and a permanent taint on an otherwise normal sex life.  Sadly, so devastating is the stigma, some, even as adults, opt to keep the incestuous relationship over any opportunity for a normal one.  Here are some of the best recent books to help incest survivors recover.  If you've come to this page for help to recover from incest, you're in the right're a survivor.

Effects Of Incest:

Since you came to this page seeking to recover, I'll assume you haven't continued the relationship.  Instead, the effects of the relationship have stayed with us, whether we wanted them to, or not.  One of the effects for some of us is an unwanted pregnancy...a permanent reminder how much harm this type of relationship can have.  Whether that pregnancy ends in abortion, an abnormal birth, or a normal seems like nothing will ever be the same...your life has been altered in an almost permanent way.  Even if there is just the memory of a foolish and weak moment, as with me, you can never see that relative the same again.  Holidays, visits are somehow tainted, even if subconsciously.  I know a family of 4 women who, as children, were all molested by their father.  They seem the same as everyone else on the outside, but inside has been turmoil, anger and guilt.  Dad never apologized or acknowledged any wrongdoing, making it difficult for them to visit home.  Some of their marriages have had serious problems with intimacy and trust.  All of this because one person didn't control his sex drive and took advantage of his little girls who only wanted to please Daddy.  Incest can cause deep psychological scars that come out later in life as distrust, depression, lack of intimacy, inability to engage in a normal relationship, disassociation with family, and the full array of addictions.  You wouldn't be here if you weren't suffering...I can relate.  So, how do we get a normal life back?  Yes, it's possible.

Incest Recovery Help:

It's possible to be healed even from harms you have caused yourself.  If you consented, even if you enthusiastically pursued an incestuous relationship, there is help to recover.  You already know the memories will be there.  They won't come up as often over time, but the effects are there in your life.  As with me, you've probably already discovered the empty promise of one addiction after another, trying to overcome the low self esteem those past choices have left you with.  Yet, there is hope.  Most of us don't find much help in nosy psychologists, digging around in our past, seeking to dislodge some especially painful memory, just bringing the pain to the surface after we'd worked so hard to bury it.  No, our help and our hope for recovery comes from none of those sources.  Our help comes from God.  He can help us recover.  He can heal those deep wounds.  He raises your self esteem by letting you see yourself as He sees you ...someone He lovingly created to be just the person you are.  He has your picture in His wallet and goes all around showing everyone His favored child.  If you want God's help to recover, click on Help me God.

Abuse Recovery Help Forum - Support group for recovery from sexual abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape, etc.

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