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Help for recovery from child sexual abuse.  If you're protecting a child, learn the signs of child molestation and other forms of sexual abuse and what to do if you see those signs.

Stop:  If you're here because you've recently been sexually abused , call 1.800.656.HOPE, the number for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.  They can help you begin recovery.  If someone is having sex with you, touching you in your private parts, forcing you to touch them, exposing their private parts to you or taking nude pictures of you, report this immediately to an adult you trust.  If no one is doing anything to stop it, report it to the police.  You must do this for your sake and to help the person doing this to you.

Child Sexual Abuse Recovery (continued from Child Sexual Abuse):

Sexual abuse and molestation are major physical and psychological traumas that must be healed over time.  Your hurt is very personal and unique to you.  I am not making light of it by saying it's just like other traumas.  The only way it's like them is in what can be done about it.  Just like other trauma's, you can completely recover and have a happy and healthy life.  This does not have to be the focus of the rest of your life.  Only you can decide if this will destroy you or make you stronger, but that's the good can decide.  I think you wouldn't be reading this unless you had already decided to recover and get stronger.  Here are some recent popular child sexual abuse recovery books to help you do just that. 

Well, you're going to need help.  First of all, try to find yourself a good counselor and make sure they believe you can recover and move on with your life.  They or your doctor may prescribe an anti-depression drug.  Take it at least for a few months even if it seems like it's not doing anything.  Be completely open and honest with your counselor, no matter how embarrassing it is.  Force yourself to take part in lots of positive and uplifting activities, volunteer work, etc.  This will help build you as you help others.  Be careful about helping other sexual abuse sufferers...sometimes this forces you to relive your trauma with every new case...not a good thing if you want to recover.  All of these things will help, but one thing is required for anyone to heal.  Only One has the ability to know exactly where it hurts for you.  Only One knows exactly how to restore your innocence and natural sexuality.  That is the One who created you.  God designed our sexual lives and is the only one who can restore us after someone has abused us in this way.  If you want God to heal you and give you a healthy, happy life, click on God's help.

Abuse Recovery Help Forum - Support group for recovery from sexual abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape, etc.

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