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Help for those who have suffered child abuse and valuable facts to help and protect an abused child. Find help, advice, books and links for all types of child abuse and ways to detect it.

Child Abuse Facts

What Is Child Abuse?  It's easy to identify some forms of child abuse, but difficult for other forms.  The fact that a child experienced harm doesn't necessarily reveal abuse.   Child abuse is an action or inaction that harms a child the person responsible should have known their action or inaction was likely to cause harm.  Well, that's a very legalistic point of view.  Let me give you another one.  Child abuse from the standpoint of the victim is anything that harms you emotionally, sexually or physically.  To help you understand, here are the most popular recent books on child abuse facts.

Types Of Child Abuse:
1. Child Neglect involves not taking care of and providing for the needs of the child.  Neglect is something most kids (if they live) are unaware of until they're older.

2. Emotional Abuse is where the abuser threatens, accuses, yells, cusses, intimidates or manipulates the child.  Yes, there is a fine line between rational discipline and emotional abuse.  Children aren't stupid, just inexperienced.  They know when that line is crossed.

3. Sexual Abuse is covered at Child Sexual Abuse.

4. Physical Abuse is the easiest to spot because of the signs and marks it leaves.  Physical abusers are usually unable to restrain themselves.  They could be using restraints, striking, using clubs, belts, switches and knives, shaking, throwing, burning, etc.  Obviously, this is very harmful to the child.

Child Abuse Effects:  The effects of child abuse are largely related to the extent of the abuse.  If you're reading this, it's likely you're concerned about the more extensive abuses.  Even the milder-seeming types of neglect and emotional abuse can have serious effects on you.  The abuse seems like normal family life which you will try to duplicate when you start a family.  Obviously, all forms of abuse have serious effects on your idea of who you are, how you perform in school, on the job, how you make and keep friends, who you choose for friends, and how you treat your own spouse and children.  Though it probably isn't even a majority, many abused children grow up to abuse their children. Abused children tend do more poorly in school, have a much higher delinquency and drop out rate, tend towards torturing animals...even other children, tend to be reclusive and anti-social.  Severe abuse leaves severe, invisible, emotional scars that, unless dealt with, can cripple important areas of your life.  This is why, if you have been abused, or if you are helping an abused child, you must get professional help to begin to heal and recover a normal, happy life.

Recovery From Child Abuse:  Maybe the hurt is so bad, you think you don't deserve recovery, whether it's possible or not.  I promise you it is possible do deserve it.  One of the things I learned early in our marriage, a person who is repeatedly abused, in order to try to please their abuser, will begin abusing themselves.  I'm not proud of the type of the emotionally abusive husband I started as (just acting out my programming), but I thank God for who I've become. I was physically and emotionally abused as a child, as were my mother and siblings.  I will still tell you my father was a loving and responsible man, tortured by emotional upheaval and alcoholism.  Perhaps my love and respect for him is why it was so hard for me to dismiss his example.  Until I saw the effects on my wife, I didn't know emotional abuse wasn't normal.  I watched my mother being beaten and experienced discipline mixed with rage from my father.  This is how I know there is hope for you.  If I can recover to a normal, happy life, so can you.

Maybe, since you already know you need to fix something, you'll start earlier than I did.  With this kind of history, I'd suggest you get a good counselor who believes abused children can be healed, read every positive, motivational book you can get your hands on, and begin to give to others and help them.  This is designed to restore your attitude about yourself and overcome the hurtful dishonest things your abuser said about you to justify abusing you.  It isn't true, but it affects what you believe about yourself, so you must change those beliefs.  The best way I know how to do that is by hooking up with the One who knows the truth about how good you really are, because He made you.  God id the one who healed me and He can heal you.  There is no one more deserving of His help than you are.  If you want His help, click on help me God.

Abuse Recovery Help Forum - Support group for recovery from sexual abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape, etc.

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