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The Coulrophobia-Fear Of Clowns page covers the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment, along with self help steps you can take to fight this disease.

Coulrophobia-Fear Of Clowns

Fear Of Clowns Signs And Symptoms:

Coulrophobia is very of the top 10 most common specific phobias.  Symptoms can range from high anxiety to outright panic attacks around people in clown outfits or other bizarre attire and make-up...even Santa Claus.  I suspect I have a minor case of the fear of clowns because I've always been very uncomfortable around clowns, themselves, but also heavily tattooed or made up people.  When I was very young, I was taken to visit Santa and, as the line shortened I became more and more anxious.  By the time I was nearing the front of the line, I broke out into a screaming fit.  No, my Mom didn't make me sit on Santa's lap, if that was even possible, given my condition.  Here are some recent books on how to overcome common phobias.

Fear Of Clowns Causes:

The common explanation for the cause of coulrophobia is some early childhood traumatic event.  I don't know what caused those reactions in me.  In my very early years, I had the same reaction to my mother when she looked in on me in bed while wearing a facial mask treatment.  This may have been the trigger for future events.  Some of the most mundane things can be very frightening in our very early years, say 2-7.  The actual incidents could be long forgotten, but still cause anxiety or phobia later in life.   

Fear Of Clowns Treatment:

Treatment options include medications, hypnotherapy, and various therapies designed to have us face down coulrophobia until we manage the situation more rationally.  Unless this phobia is extremely severe, it's probably a less intrusive approach to just avoid clowns and other triggers...particularly for children with this phobia.

Fear Of Clowns Self Help:

If you do feel it necessary to confront this fear on principle (which I appreciate), do so very carefully and gradually.  Don't take the "full-emersion approach, but dip into the water one toe at a time."

Total Healing:

Mental Health conditions can be frustrating and painful.  We both know there are no guaranteed cures or quick fixes, whether medicine, nutrition, herbs or anything else.  Many illnesses are "incurable" from the medical standpoint.  Complete healing is possible...including mind, body and spirit...from God.  If you want God's help with this or any problem, go to Help From God.

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