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Learn the signs, treatment and symptoms of age dementia, along with self help steps you can take to fight this disease.

Symptoms Of Age Dementia

Age Dementia Signs And Symptoms: 

Dementia is a name representing several illnesses that become more severe as a person ages.  These problems involve memory, communications, learning and behavior, and are rarely found in people under 60 years old.  Age dementia is a loss of brain function that can have a wide variety of symptoms, including concentration, memory, judgment, delusions, altered senses, insomnia, poor muscle control, disorientation, impaired speech or speech recognition, impaired reading/writing ability, personality changes, poor emotional control.   

Age Dementia Causes:

If some of the above symptoms sound like Alzheimer's Disease, you're's one of the two main causes of untreatable dementia.  The second is a series of small strokes, causing brain damage.  Some causes of dementia can be treated to relieve the disease...brain tumors, thyroid, infections and B12 deficiency.

Age Dementia Treatment:

Age or Alzheimer-based dementia has no cure.  Short-term, treatment depends on the condition causing age dementia.  There are a number of drugs that can be used to help control the symptoms.  These range from Alzheimer's medicine, to drugs for psychosis, depression, moods, even stimulants.  Counseling or group therapy is normally useless. and confusing to a dementia patient.  Their reality is not the same and it will be increasingly at odds with the real world.

Because the disease progresses over time, long-term treatment will first involve in-home care, then an institution specializing in dementia care. 

Age Dementia Self Help:

Because of the nature of this disease, when I say self-help, I mean the family, not the patient helping himself.  If you have a loved one suffering dementia who sees a talking bear in the living room, you should talk to the bear, too.  If you correct them, you'll make them confused and angry.  Go into their world, because they can't come to yours as much.  My mother died after about 2 years of institutional Alzheimer's care.  Being the one who had to make her health and financial decisions during that time, I can tell you it isn't easy, but it's possible to get a few moments of your past relationship.  At some point, when it gets too hard to manage, they will need professionals who know how to handle and protect them from themselves.  Don't ever doubt for a second that you're doing what's best for them. 

Total Healing:

Mental health conditions are often frustrating and confusing... sometimes even fatal.  We both know there are no easy solutions, but we can get help through even our darkest times.  That help comes from God.  If you want God's help with this or any problem, go to Help From God.

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