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Resume Writing Tips

The Importance Of A Good Resume:

People get jobs all the time without a resume, but at what price?  The resume is the most important tool in your employment search tool box.  I have a scar on my hand from almost 30 years ago when I was tightening a bolt using an adjustable wrench.  The wrench slipped and I ripped the skin right off of my knuckle.  The bolt got tightened, but at what price?  The right tool for that job was a socket wrench because they don't slip.  The right tool to get an interview is a resume.  You can get some sample ideas and great tips from these best-selling Books on Resume Writing.  Depending on the job, 60-85% of the applicants don't use a resume.  Those who do, usually have their application read first.  In fact, I know employers who only read resumes.  Any application they receive without one is discarded.  Why?  Because those who care enough about getting the job to prepare a good resume, one assumes, will also care more about doing the job.  Think about it...just by including a resume, you are already in the top 40% of applicants.  Here are the most popular Resume Writing Software programs to help you get just the right look and style.  Another way to look at the resume is, with a resume, you're likely to get 2.5 times the interviews of people without resumes.  And, after all, the whole point of a resume is to get an interview.  That's why it's so important to prepare a good resume.  Here are some tips to writing a good resume:

1.  A Brief Resume:

A resume is a short description of how your skill set (education, experience, awards, etc.) matches the requirements of their job.  Unless you're applying to be the CEO, keep it to 1 page.

2.  A Direct Resume:

"I did, I accomplished, I led", rather than, "was responsible for, participated in, position required."   They want to know what you did, not what your job description said.

3.  A Relevant Resume:

Make sure your resume experience fits the duties of the position you're seeking, using the words in their announcement.  If this is too much of a stretch, you're applying for the wrong job.  Don't bother listing experience that has nothing to do with the position you're seeking.  It wastes their time and frustrates them.  A factory isn't interested in your baby-sitting experience as a teen.

4.  A Truthful Resume:

It's better not to get the job than to get it by lying about education or experience.  Even if you get the job, you'll struggle trying to fill the imaginary shoes you created.

5.  A Current Resume:

Your resume should include all applicable experience and awards in the last 10 years or slightly more if there is a very relevant reason to go back further.  Education can go back to college, whenever it was.

6.  A Solid Resume:

Your resume should include explanation of any gaps in employment longer than a few months.  Explanations could include, sabbatical to do missionary work, recovering from heart surgery, full time care of sick parent, attending college, trade school, etc. It should always include a productive, meaningful activity...not, "I was unemployed."  Just because you weren't earning money doesn't mean you were unproductive.  Use the things you did while you weren't earning money.  You did something!  Try to apply it to the position you're seeking.

7.  An Attractive Resume:

Put a thumbnail photo of yourself (neatly dressed and smiling) in an upper corner of your resume.  This will cause them to keep you at the top of the stack, look at your resume often, and feel they already have a relationship with you by the time of your interview.  Use a quality colored and textured paper for your resume, so it will stand out.  Use a good word processing program to make your resume as attractive as possible.

Job search is a stressful and often intimidating experience.  Many, including me, have been helped by God to find just the right job and be accepted.  If you want God's help, click on God Help Me.

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