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Conclusion of Job Search article, covering finding a job and self-employment, along with links to resume writing and interview tips and questions. Find many keys to set yourself apart and get that special opportunity.

Job Search And Employment Tips-2

Continued from Job Search And Employment Tips  

Finding A Job-Job Search:

If you don't have a job, make finding a job, your job.  Many people who are out of work wait until their severance pay runs out, their unemployment insurance runs out or their savings run out...then start looking.  Finding a job takes time, sometimes years.  What are you waiting for?  Here are some tips to finding work:

1.  Polish and tailor your resume.  Resume Writing Tips provides valuable information to help make you stand out from the crowd before your employer even meets you. 
2.  Expand your effort.  Many people search a few hours a week for work.  Once they've checked one or two leads or filed an application...they're done for the week.  If you don't have a job, make finding a job, your job...full time!  Run down every lead.  Ask for more leads everywhere you go.  If they don't have a job, ask if you can leave a resume anyway.  Ask if they know of anyone else in their business you could approach...their suppliers, their competitors.  Ask all your friends and family and all their friends and family.  Ask all your past employers and co-workers.
3.  Expand your interview skills.  Our Job Interview Tips sheet can help you get prepared.
4.  Expand your follow-up.  A thank you letter is great, but what do you do afterwards?  How about calling and asking a week later how they are coming?  If it's a real good opportunity, how about visiting a week after the interview?  Even if they don't see you, they'll hear you tried to see them.  That may be all it takes to tip the scale in your direction.  I was hired as an "on-call" employee once, but I wanted a full time, permanent position.  So, I showed up in the personnel office at the beginning of each business day.  I got work every day and, within a month, I was their next full-time employee.  Look for ways you can show initiative and stand out.
5.  Expand your marketable skills.  The demands of the business world are ever more complex, yet most people expect to earn more money and benefits on the skill set they developed decades ago in high school or college.  Want to earn more?  Offer more!  Go back to college or improve your business skills. 
6.  Expand your field.  Sometimes people have a great skill set but are unwilling to apply those skills to a different field.  If you're stuck in a dead end field or one that leaves you unemployed, maybe it's time to look elsewhere.  They just aren't buying many buggy whips since they started buying cars.
7.  Expand your territory.  Many people limit their income potential because they refuse to relocate from an area where there is little opportunity.  Be willing to move for a good opportunity.
8.  Expand your value.  Be willing to take a lesser position or even work some time for free to get your foot in the door so you can show them your skill and initiative.

Note:  Once you get the job you want, don't stop looking for work.  There is nothing wrong with finishing your duties early and asking the boss for more work.  There is nothing wrong with starting early, working through break, or staying late.  Once management figures out who they can count on, you can start counting on a raise or a promotion.  It amazes me how many people do average work (show up on time, do what they are assigned to do, get along with other employees) and expect above average pay.  If you want to be paid more, do more than what they're paying you for.

Self-Employment, Creating Your Own Job:

Don't be afraid of this.  Sometimes you can make more money and be far more satisfied working for yourself than you can working for someone else.  If you're adequately skilled, don't be afraid of examining the possibility of starting your own business.  Did you know if you live near a city of 500,000 or more, have a car and internet access, you can make $ 2,000 a month part time, purchasing and listing used books on the Internet?  You can make over $ 8,000 a month in your own espresso drive-thru at a good location.  It saddens me to see so many people with outstanding skills and ambition bouncing their heads against a glass ceiling because they are considered a threat by their bosses. If you're willing to develop the additional skills needed, the Internet is the next great frontier of business opportunity for anyone who wants more than a 9-5.

Employment Tips Conclusion:

No matter where you are in your job search...out of work, looking for a career transition or just looking to add some money to your income...finding employment is hard work and full of rejection.  If you're like me, you can use a little help staying in the game until you find the right opportunity, and then knowing and acting on that opportunity.  Help like that comes from someone more powerful than us.  It comes from God.  If you'd like God's help in your job search, just click on help me God.

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