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Job Interview Preparation-2 concludes with interview practice, notes and other techniques to set yourself apart as valuable job candidate.

Job Interview Preparation-2

Continued from Job Interview Preparation

Prepare To Answer And Ask Questions:  Interviewing is a skill, like typing, and requires practice.  It's good to prepare and practice answering at least the most common job interview questions so you're ready if they are asked.  You can also get books with more complex questions tailored for your particular field.  One way to have ready answers for all questions is to prepare a small notebook with copies of awards, college transcripts, job descriptions, appreciation and reference letters about you, etc.  The whole idea is communication, so, if an award or certificate communicates your qualifications better than you can, show it...just don't make any lengthy presentations.  Also, make sure the notebook has a few blank pages for you to take notes.    When your interviewer offers information or answers your question, make sure to take notes.  This impresses to your interviewer that you're intensely interested in the company and the job.   If you've done your investigation well, you should have a few well-chosen questions in your notebook that will show what you've learned about the company and that you have an interest in the "big picture" of the industry the company operates in.  Very few will go to the trouble of researching and developing questions and comments for the interview.  These top-selling books can give you the edge with fresh Job Interview Questions, Answers and Tips.  At the interview, be prepared to gather information for your thank you letter, too.

The Thank You Letter can be more than a mere polite gesture as so many teach about job interviews.  If you've done your preparation well, you'll come out of the interview with enough information to nail the job down in the thank you letter.  Your notes from the interview should contain the name(s) of the interviewer(s), address, time and date of interview, answers to your questions, and information the interviewer volunteered about the company...especially anything that was emphasized.  Along with the normal thank you letter ya-da-ya-da, make sure your letter includes appreciation for the information (be quotes if possible) they gave you and why (specifically rep. or philosophy from information they gave you...but not money or benefits) you would be interested in considering a position there.  After the hundreds of people they hire who never listen to what they say, your letter will show them you're different and what they say matters to you.

Of course, no one can guarantee you'll get every job you interview for.  It usually takes several job interviews to get a good job, so, just regard the ones who didn't hire you as practice.   As long as you're willing to prepare, you'll find the position that's a good fit for you and your employer.  By doing the hard work others won't; choosing the right field, investigating and conducting pre-interviews, practicing and collecting notes for the interview and in the interview, and being more specific in your thank you letter, you can set yourself apart from the rest as that rare, special candidate.  Then, all you have to do is be that rare, special employee that keeps looking for work once they have the job.

There is someone who can help you find the perfect career and ace the interview.  That someone is God.  If you want help from God, just click on Help Me God.

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