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Sexual Abuse Recovery - Resources to help you recover from sexual abuse...child molestation, incest, rape, etc.
Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Neglect - Information on the types of child abuse, how to report abuse and neglect, hotline numbers, links to articles, organizations, and books.
Child Abuse Prevention Network - The child abuse prevention network provides resources for professionals, in child abuse, neglect, maltreatment, sex abuse, child sexual abuse, and family and community violence. The Nerve Center for Child Abuse Prevention.
Child Sexual Abuse - Help to recover from molestation or to protect a child from sexual abuse.
Child Sexual Abuse - AACAP Facts For Families # 9 - Describes signs and symptoms associated with sexual abuse in a child or adolescent/teen. - The California Penal Code (section 679.04) states that survivors of sexual assault have a right to have
Forums for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault -- Recovery Canada - Online support network for victims and survivors of a variety of life-affecting physical, emotional, spritual challenges.
Help for the Abused - ONE WAY! Which Way Are You Going? - Are you addicted, depressed, lonely, suicidal, struggling with temptation, wanting an abortion, looking for answers to your questions? This site will lead you in the right direction.
Incest Survivors Help-Hope For Recovery - Incest Survivors Help provides hope to overcome the devastating effects of incest and live in recovery. You'll find help and encouragement from people who have been there, helpful information and links to help you regain a normal, happy life.

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