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Full Version: Please Help Me With Fibromyalgia!
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I have Fibromyalgia for 20 years. I am now 60. I have severe muscle pain and have not found anything that helps. There are times that I am unable to walk more then a few feet even in my own house. Has anyone found a medication that helps without making you into a zombie???
Here's a list of over-the-counter products that claim to be effective for Fibromyalgia. Make sure you're geting these things from a reliable source and that you consult your doctor.
Hi. You have my sympathy. I'm 62 and have been nearly pain free for two years. You must carefully control what you eat and drink. Read all ingredient labels before purchasing. Be extra careful when eating out. Avoid all MSG (unfortunately, it has many different names.) Most importantly, you must not eat or drink anything that contains high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup solids or HFCS or crystaline corn syrup solids. The reason you haven't made the connection yourself is because high fructose corn syrup does not interfer with digestion (first day or two for solid foods). It it, however, a terrible problem for metabolism. Therefore, you probably do not have problems for 2 to 3 days after ingestion. If you need more information, find out on the internet how HFCS is made (broken chemical bonds -- an attempt to turn natural glucose into fructose using enzymes and heat). Anyway, the good news is you can get better -- much better and prove to others that you are not neurotic or under too much stress. Your problem is bio-chemical. I'll bet you didn't have serious symptons prior to 1970. Some HFCS was added to foods in the early 70's. Even more in the 80's. Now, the amount in processed foods is tremendous. Don't be discouraged. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables without antagonistic substances. You can learn to make your own cookies and cakes or buy organic. No product labelled organic will contain any high fructose corn syrup. I feel blessed that I discovered the source of my problems. Your new diet will be healthier overall, as well. HFCS is linked to high levels of triglicerides in humans and faulty heart and reproductive problems in rats (that have been used in experiments studying the effects of HFCS on the body) I beat it. So can you. I'm 95% better or more. No pain, very little fatigue and very limited problems with IBS. My very best wishes for your recovery. janice312
My mother struggled with fibromyalgia for years. She found a doctor about a year ago who's been studying it for a while and linked most cases of it to restless leg syndrome which is caused by a lack of iron. My mother has restless leg syndrome which keeps her form getting the rest her body needs. The result of which 'caused her fibromyalgia, according to her doctor. She's been taking an iron supplement and drinks it with orange juice I guess because it helps her body absorb the iron better. She told me its been helping her. If your anemic or have trouble sleeping this may help you as well. I dont know if there a different causes for this or not. I know my mother has been to doctor after doctor and tried everything in the book for hers, so far the Iron supplements seem to have helped the most. I hope you find some relief.
I was just cruising the internet for pain reduction techniques and thought I would pass this along. My aunt has had fibromyalgia for many years and discovered a the healing potential of Epsom salt shortly thereafter. She'd been buying the same box for years but while in Walgreens a couple of days ago, we found a new epsom salt product in the first aid aisle called Pepsom Sports. She tried it and really loved the Spearmint scent and the way she felt afterwards. You should try getting a bag and soaking for 20 minutes to see if that helps relieve any of the pain. Hope you feel better!
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