Listen to music if that helps you to hide others and push you. When you train your limits, it must hurt to make progress. Hours of training The intensity of your training is crucial to success. 3 training sessions with max. 60 minutes of training a week is enough if you do it intensively. A training day should always be followed by a day's break, during which you do not burden the previously trained muscle group to give your body time for regeneration. Lack of stamina If you do not have the motivation to train regularly or you skip workouts, that means regressing your muscle growth . Keep in Probulus mind why you started the strength training and check your goal. If you are not disciplined, you do not need to wonder if muscle building does not work out to your liking. There are always times to come on you, where you have no desire. It is important that you do not let it pull you down and still stay tuned . If you do not succeed in motivating yourself permanently, then you should re-examine how much you want to achieve your goals and whether strength training is really your sport or whether you might not be better off somewhere else. Poor diet burger Even if you work super effectively and follow your training schedule, you can only achieve visible results if you adjust your diet. Success depends on 30% of training and 70% on your diet . A sensible diet is even more important than the training itself. Negative on the muscle structure affects too little food . Muscle building happens in calorie surplus. Food intake should be regular. Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. In addition to meat, fish, eggs and dairy products as optimal foods for muscle growth, there are also numerous vegan protein-containing foods . Renounce Alcohol , drugs and smoking.