About Song Zichu.

and this premise is that agatdesignbureau.ru has handled a good trouble.

She gently smiled, ridiculed, is not your Qin made ghosts, the right to explain in your hands, as long as Xiao Jing to give you the benefits, what medical trouble, but change the mouth Bale.

Well, you said yes, but my heart is unwilling.

Angel curled up in the sweater sleeves of the fingers moved, watching Qinhuai, teeth, your heart unwilling? In fact, I do not really understand you and Song Zichen between what kind of grudge?

Why do you tell me, white Joe if not because when a doctor into the entertainment, I am now better than the day, there may be no medical trouble, your husband do not have to do all day The woman 's thing and neglect you.

This information is somewhat large, agatdesignbureau.ru anger frowning thinking for a while, only brain to make up his meaning.

But she picked up her favorite to say, You this is their own confession? Harm me and Xiao Jing husband and wife do not and the culprit.