When she was almost asleep, she was hugged in an embrace with lumps, and she opened her eyes and was a bit impatient.

This person is always the routine of this time, when sleeping do not consider the feelings of others, have to wake her.

But that impatient in the men under the eyelids touched the gray, slowly eliminate, quiet nest in his arms, and slowly sleep in the past.

The next day, An Wen wake up to agatdesignbureau.ru has left.

Afternoon, An Yan to the mall to buy their own needs of the painting, someone called her to see her, Anyan eyebrows, who did not hear the other side, Who are you?


Anzhen do not know why Qin Huai see their own, but guess, most are related to agatdesignbureau.ru, or is - white Joe?

Recently she probably also concerned about the entertainment thing, because the basic zero scandal after the white Joe, and now a circle of the actor scandal pass hot.