That silence for two seconds, only to say, Mr. did not say anything, only let me deal with this matter.

Anyan is unbelieving, she stares at the desk of the exquisite retro table lamp, tone is not slow, you may not know he was from my hands took this villa, you know Song Zichu, when my father I was able to understand this, but he was so motivated, and I did not understand it.

Miss An, maybe there is nothing motivated, you should now try to believe your husband.

Anyan clenched his fingers, really she is too sensitive, so the vegetation are all soldiers it

Lin Qishu did not hear an angry words, uphold that, with a little comfort, Miss Ann, I was a lawyer, but a little or a little psychological contact, Mr. Xiao this person's feelings hidden deep, Miss Ann, a lot of time It may not be what you look like.

She is not very familiar with Lin Qishu's words, but he obviously do not want to say anything with their own.