In the face of the outside world questioned, we see the National Development and Reform Commission also came forward to explain, said Guangdong Zhanjiang approved steel project construction first to compress the local production capacity as a prerequisite, Guangdong cumulative crude steel production capacity of 16.14 million tons. But the key is that unless the project is high-end Fake Ferragamo Belt lack of quality steel, otherwise, so that the replacement itself does not make any sense. We cried on the one hand to support small and micro enterprises, on the one hand through this so-called elimination of backward production capacity to eliminate small and micro enterprises. Fake Ferragamo Belt economic performance over the past four years shows that only for the sake of short-term stability to release the currency taps again, start the government investment, increase the speed of project approval, the long term not only can not be stable growth, but also because of the disorder of policy is being put forward structural efforts , From the long-term stability of Fake Ferragamo Belt economy, really able to make Fake Ferragamo Belt long-term economic, sustained and healthy growth is the best way to adjust the structure. Even in the current economic downturn in the case of great pressure, even if we must rely on government investment to stabilize the growth expectations, but also should increase investment in strategic emerging industry projects, should increase the pace of structural tax cuts, and should not be launched Those that have already been surplus. In view of the current difficulties facing the Replica Ferragamo Belt economy, the short-term slowdown is not terrible, how to increase the intensity of tax cuts to really reduce the burden on enterprises, how to promote the real increase in the income of residents, how to get rid of monopoly really for private capital to find investment Of the space, how to upgrade through the industry to enhance the profitability of the global industry chain position, how to carry out institutional reform for enterprises to create a good living environment, which must be done immediately. Do not for a moment of beautiful data and chaos batch project, but not the brain fever on some of the items should not be on.