Cheap Ferragamo Belts has targeted measures to avoid excessive economic growth is necessary, the economic downturn is too fast, not conducive to social stability, is not conducive to the structure is being promoted Adjust and transform the way of development efforts. The key is that economic growth in the already serious imbalance in the case, but by approval of the steel industry, these production capacity has been significantly surplus projects to stimulate GDP growth, which is contrary to many people expected. Moreover, even if the first 4 months of macro data does not look good, but far from so serious, but not to give up the dignity through the excess capacity to stimulate the degree of economic growth. If you have to rely on the excess steel industry to pull, indicating that the economy really to a very dangerous situation, otherwise, then there is no proof of structural adjustment. Therefore, for the Zhanjiang Iron and Steel project approved, in the public information seems to be an explanation to the outside world to eliminate the fear and concern caused by.