www.boardgamesofold.com objectively speaking, given Versace Belt development is built on a planned economic system environment, large population, and the state-owned economic composition has been very high country, it also belongs to the miracle of economic growth. To that the creation of this kind of miracle, but not the Replica Ferragamo Belt model of authoritarian system advocates concluded, from the viewpoint of economic growth, Versace Belt economic growth all have today's achievement, fully rely on the power of the market economy itself and private companies creativity, rather than anything else. First, from the law of Versace Belt economic growth, in 1992, deng xiaoping southern despite Versace Belt economic growth is faster, but it was useless extremely profound influence on the world. Heavy burden and inefficient state-owned enterprises become the biggest obstacle of the development of economy, market mechanism is not sound makes the economic operation is not smooth, the long-term economic into a put is random