as well as the acceleration of inflation, such growth to some extent even than in the first half of last year 10.3% of the Numbers are treasured. From some specific figures in terms of performance, signs and the indicators are in good range. From, for example, in the first half of the national industrial output grew by 14.3% year on year. Fixed asset investment growth 25.6%, is the ideal number, and consumption and exports also maintained a steady growth trend. So, while in the case of increasing regulation policy, in the second quarter growth is slower than in the first quarter was 0.2%, but this is a seasonal changes, is also the result of the macroscopic policy, and policy is consistent with the expected. Thus, from the main indicator of Versace Belt economy, economic growth does not appear sharply decline, the so-called hard landing, the so-called stagflation doesn't exist. If Versace Belt economy last year still belongs to run fast, so, this year Versace Belt economic growth is completely farewell stimulating effect on the crisis, returned to normal growth and steady state, rather than a recession and landslides. For Versace Belt economic performance, the national bureau of statistics also thinks the endogenous economic growth momentum remains strong, I totally agree with this conclusion, the official assessment in terms of growth, the author has never been established there will be no big problem