1, floor maintenance need to keep the floor dry, clean, avoid contact with a lot of water, to prevent multi-layer wood flooring damp.

2, if accidentally pouring water or missing water on the ground, you must promptly wipe with a dry soft cloth. Wipe clean after the sun can not directly exposure or electric oven baking, so as not to dry too fast. The floor is dry.

3, do not put the cigarette butts or matches and other fire with objects<a href="http://wpcproduct.com/">Best Outdoor WPC Product Supplier</a>
thrown on the floor, so as not to scorch the floor surface; to avoid sharp, sharp objects to draw flowers and heavy items for a long time weight.

4, pavement after the floor should pay attention to minimize the direct sun drying, so as to avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet light before drying and aging.<a href="http://wpcproduct.com/blog/outdoor-wpc-floor-cleaning-maintenance.html">Outdoor WPC floor</a>

5, paved the floor, such as long-term do not live, often open the window ventilation, avoid using plastic sheeting or newspaper cover. A long time will be sticky film, loss of luster. Also avoid high temperature objects directly touch the floor, if the indoor air humidity below 40%, <a href="http://wpcproduct.com/products/solid-decking.html">WPC Solid Decking</a>
to be appropriate to increase the temperature, such as humidity greater than 100%, you need to take moisture measures.