When you first start your game your character cheapest wow gold is going to be located in Elwynn Forest, which is in the North Shire Glade. Once you've settled in, and you've looked around a bit, you'll notice some wolves prancing around you are going to want to exterminate these wolves and continue this declaration of war against the wolves until you hit level three.

Can you make the close/min/max buttons really small in the Display control panel? You know, the sizer thing for the X (close) button. I am pretty sure that making the buttons smaller will make the top bar at least a little smaller. Also try making the Active Window Title text smaller. This doesn't totally get rid of it, but it might help if you can't find any better solutions.

The Savu mouse was a real surprise. First off was the grip and weight, for me, perfect. Down the left side is a nice deep thumb groove that, along with its Sweat coating, allowed me to hold on to it. I never felt like I was accidently pressing a button, nor did it feel like I was going to lose hold of the mouse. The weight was just right for sliding around quickly to keep up with the action going on in any game I was playing. The Sweat grip is also on the other side of the Savu, giving me a solid grip all around. The laser has an adjustable DPI (dots per inch) allowing you to go from 400 up to 4000 giving you a really good speed across the screen.

Cave Story is a game that hearkens back to the NES platformers of old. Part Metroid, part Castlevania, and a dash of Mega Man come together to form a wonderfully retro title made by a single programmer known only as Pixel. Cave Story's charming characters and challenging gameplay will keep you coming back for more, even after you've beaten the game. And of course, the lowresolution graphics and simple controls make it a perfect fit for netbooks. Did I mention that the music is awesome, too? An updated version will be arriving on the Nintendo Wii later this year, but the original PC version of Cave Story, along with an English translation, can still be downloaded for free.

I would go 1GB PC2700 RAM or a 7200RPM 60GB hard drive. I'm leaning towards the drive, since it seems to get choppy when the drive accesses a lot (my 4200 rpm drive is dirt slow, it's the drive that came with the laptop), but I don't know if the reason it accesses a lot is because it has to access the page file since the system has 512 MB of RAM.
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