Is a burst of cold wind, the sister of a paper to go out to feel the strong winter atmosphere, and quickly returned home rummaging out last year's snow boots. In the closet collection for a year COZY STEPS snow boots down a layer of dust, how to clean is really hard to make people, but it does not matter, snow boots up people to Weapon.

Want to COZY STEPS snow boots for proper cleaning, we must first understand the material, COZY STEPS snow boots with Australia Merino fur lamb skin as raw materials, environmental ventilation, and through special treatment, a unique water, Dirt function, if the dirty soil can be handled the following.

The first step: external cleaning

If the shoes body heavy stains, in the cleaning, to use professional brushes, the entire upper lightly scrub again, or with a soft flannel with COZY STEPS professional cleaning agent, gently wipe the upper. Note, COZY STEPS snow boots waterproof function is not water repellent, so can not use a lot of water to clean.

The second step: dry treatment

Cleaning the snow boots need to place the natural dry, clean dry boots, can be used in conjunction with COZY STEPS waterproof spray, enhance the water resistance of boots. After full care of the boots, you can use a special fluff care brush in a direction gently brushing the surface of the shoe body to help restore the velvet surface natural fluffy natural smooth texture appearance.

The third step: internal cleaning

Snow boots within the wool is the need to clean up, soda or baby powder evenly spread in the shoes of wool, with a plastic bag from the shaking force to shake the powder and wool full contact, put it aside for one night the powder poured through the adsorption The principle of the shoes inside the dust and other dirty removed.

After the above steps, snow boots have a new look, and quickly put on your snow boots feel it in the winter to bring you the warmth of fashion it.

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