So please, if you ve read this and are thinking about it, think again, don't buy Down to One, not until it s been fixed to the point it is playable. Even then, with all the games that there are out there in the world, it seems pointless to cling on to this one. There will be another survival game. There are other survival games. There are shooters with survival modes and survival horrors: a million and one ways to get your fix. Down to One isn t one of them. At least, not yet. Down to One is available on PC.Down to One Early Access ReviewSound? Maybe? Broken matchmakingClunky game controlRidiculous wait timesNo fun 1Overall Score
Assassin s Creed Syndicate was one of our Games of The Year 2015. We loved it. And now, you can bask in the glory of beautiful Victorian London alongside our PVATOT boys, Paul and Alistair, as they take us on a glorious journey in the shoes of Jacob and Evie.In case you ve somehow missed it and if you have, what s wrong with you? Get on over to our YouTube channel and catch up on the carnage you ve been missing out on! Playing Videogames And Talking Over Them aka PVATOT is our weekly feature where Paul Creamcake and  Alistair The Librarian , er, well, play videogames and talk over them. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss another video!