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Full Version: My Husband Sides With Others Against Me
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I have 2 jobs as an English teacher in France. My night job is 6 hours a week. The boss at my night job, delayed paying me for several weeks, then decided to break my contact and fire me because he says, that the students said I lost my temper in class. In the presence of my husband I attempted to defend my professional character by asking , in what way was it reported that I had lost my temper? Was I verbally abusive? Did I insult anyone? did I slam a desk? A chair? A door? To all of this the proprietor of the school replied in the negative, and was unable to say in what way I lost my temper. My husband opened my folder, and pointed out some negatives about me. "You have no right to teach pronunciation of the word 'laughing' " So I said, "should I allow the students to say Lohin?" As that is how french people who are ignorant of pronunciations speak out the word 'laughing'. Then he went on to say that I should not teach body parts like Knee. I should allow the students to say K-Nee.
In every attempt of defending myself , my husband went against me in the presence of the proprietor.
On the way home, he went on to say that if that was his mother what he would have done. So I asked him why is his mother better than me? He can't produce an answer. I am getting real tired and frustrated of his ignorance on how to be a husband or a friend.
In my culture, if one has a friend, not necessarily a best friend. Any friend, and you and this friend go where you must defend yourself from characterization and criticism, this friend of yours, should not point out your faults in the presence of your nemesis, but should what till you are alone to speak privately about your faults.
I really do not know what I should do about my husband unsupportive behavior. I am tired of him breaking our appliances, television and computer when he gets angry. I am tired of him accusing me of sexually harassing him. He seems happy when I sleep on the couch.
I welcome suggestions right now on how to deal with this situation. please be respectful. thanks
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