By Doctors There is no treatment of motor neuron disease available which can reverse the neuron damage however remedies to treat the symptoms and slow the progression of disease are available. Riluzole interrupts in the progression of the disease by decreasing the amount of glutamate production. Physical therapy, phenotyn and carbamazepine are recommended for the treatment of muscle cramps. Muscle relaxants or injection of botulinium toxin is given for muscle stiffness. Hyoscine hydrobromide is a drug for motion sickness but can be effective to subside drooling, other than this Glycopyrrolate injection and atropine can also be given. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostmy is done to insert a feeding tube to combat with problem of dysphasia. Mechanical ventilation for breathing problems, NSAID's and painkillers for management of pain and anti-depressants for treatment of secondary symptoms are recommended.

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