Light setting method will differ according to each people's lighting habits and there's a big difference, it is also a difficulty in controlling the lamplight decorate one of the reasons.Lighting before dealing with the images of light and shade and color distribution has certain assumptions, this is mainly in order to make the lighting layout has a purpose.The next step is how to use 3 d STUDIO MAX Chinese super realistic lighting to simulate natural light to complex changes.

A, familiar with construction plan

Prior to modeling must first be familiar with the construction scheme, the layer, the height, size, material, etc. Have a general understanding of, can induce a freehand sketch when necessary.Then good planning modeling steps and layer, generally can be corresponding to the different material with different layers.To set a snap value in CAD, then collate the reference plane into only one layer of figure, and the layer in a grey color, so as to avoid confusion with other layer.

Reference anchor point (such as the angular point of pillars) with the snap alignment, in order to operate.To consider appropriate terrain modeling, generally to the road, grass, square, the steps are built.Then use DVIEW command set a camera to observe.

Second, to develop good habits of modeling wholesale nfl jerseys

Model can be used PLINE line to draw of the wall.Some people did not develop good habits of modeling, built the model of wave.Because no matter what the wall with his band width and thickness of the PLINE line to paint, paint the top after a layer of ARRAY is built up, you think about it, a stripe width PLINE line with 12 face, that this way is very terrible.Before didn't use computer 1 GHZ you would do well to save face.Suggested that the indoor floor and wall column, etc. Also to cheap nfl jerseys build out, because may use transparent glass.Must pay attention to the scale of the window frame rail and so on, don't build too coarse.

Editorial: when modeling the best set of three to four Windows, define two UCS (one original elevation and the elevation of.Be familiar with UCS, VIEW, CHPROP command, etc.Met more complex models available entity modeling method, or with production softwares 3 dmax to catch up on.After the model was built to EXPORT. 3 ds or. DXF file, so that in the 3 on3dmax import.Others directly call directly in production softwares 3 dmax. DWG file.