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Full Version: Lifestyle Oakley Sunglasses Are Fake
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The first thing you have to do is to look at the name on the lens Oakley. Authentic Oakley shades have names carved into the lens. If you look closely, you can usually tell easily if they are fake or not. Printed with a fake name on the lens, and it may even be distorted. Bring a magnifying glass you if you need!

Feel frame surrounding rubber. Soft rubber should be in a real feel for Oakley. It is false to the rough and hard. You can also wear it do not feel like just a few minutes. It should feel smooth, comfortable around your nose and ears.

If you have any labels or advertising Eyewear Factory Outlet on, like they say, "authentic Oakley Lifestyle," or any "100% Oakley", then they are most likely fake. The real Oakley sunglasses frame not put their stickers. This is a good thing to keep in mind when shopping any real sunglasses. Whether it is Gucci, Armani and Calvin Klein, they will not put their own label or sticker frame to try to promote them is real.

Carefully check the frame on the side of "O". This is one of the real ones distinguish fake Oakley easiest way. In authentic Oakley "O" different than the other letters. It is slightly elevated and the remaining portion of a different material printed. Counterfeit products can not fake it, so they will try a "O", whether it looks like an oval, or by having an "X".

Find out which sunglasses made is false, tell another real positive way. Oakley has always been true in the American-made, and said that within the framework of "Made in America". Or that they fake Oakley has been transformed in some other countries, or there will be nothing.

Looking for a good pair of quality sunglasses can be difficult and expensive, so consider buying wholesale sunglasses. This will save you money, if you get them from a secure Web site, you can be sure that they are the real deal.

Get wholesale sunglasses for people who often wear their shades have a great investment. Get wholesale fashion sunglasses Your wallet will thank you
Hi, thank you for sharing this information with us, it is really helpful. One of my friends had purchased ray-ban sunglasses from somewhere, but the sunglasses he bought was not the actual ray-ban, it was a fake one. A few days before I had also purchased the sunglasses from suggested to me by my brother. The sunglasses over there are super cool and are of good quality with the assorted colors.
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