An organization Food Containers can also organize seminars and workshops then serve food on the designed dishes.

Plastic flat dishes promotion helps to get immediate feedback. They can be produced in many colors and have decorative pictures that attracts children.

They are made in different materials depending on the use. Well designed dishes raise appetite and cartooned ones serve children better.

When many of us think of plastic trays, oddly enough, the first thing that comes to mind are the plastic food trays we all used in elementary school cafeterias.

Those trays with the separate compartments, just like back when we were toddlers. When you think of it, though, those really are not a bad idea.

The moulding of the various compartments keeps food from spilling, they're low cost for use in a high volume environment, and they're nearly indestructible, much more so than using china plates.

Such trays are used in many food serving environments, not only schools but in hospitals and nursing homes.

Fast food restaurants always have plastic trays for customers to carry their food to their tables.

They're also widely used in workplace cafeterias. Your server at your favorite restaurant brings items to coffee Lids your table on a tray.