through rigorous and effective supervision, tamp & ldquo; soft takeoff & rdquo soft takeoff & rdquo; voice-based, and finally, through continuous undermine the Commission's right of approval, tamp & ldquo; soft takeoff & rdquo; for the market. & Ldquo; soft takeoff & rdquo; the premise and foundation undoubtedly is a listed company has a good body, namely the company itself has a good performance, to give shareholders a good return on investment, there is no good listed companies, say what is in vain. Listed on the fundamentals of our company is concerned, though not Mr. Cheng Siwei said only 400 have investment value so bad, but there is absolutely no profit on paper displayed so optimistic. We now have more than 1,600 listed companies, according to the annual report of 1073 have been disclosed profit situation, creating a total net profit of 838.3 billion yuan, although an increase of 44% over last year, but investment income accounted for nearly 300 billion yuan, this and 2007 In the stock market's performance has a great relationship. Taking into account the market value of this company is about more than a thousand at the end of 2007 24 trillion, less than 1 trillion chase poor profits, low efficiency is amazing. It is listed on the company's fundamentals are not optimistic, there came a listed company executives to resign cash, & ldquo; size of non & rdquo; crazy fled grimace. So good is the foundation of listed companies, only when issued, so that the real value of companies listed at the same time, advance and retreat, activate the delisting system, out of those companies that do not have any investment value, while, through the improvement of mergers and acquisitions regulations, encourage market-based mergers and acquisitions, real stay in the market is valuable, to give shareholders the maximum return of the company, which is & ldquo; soft takeoff & rdquo; and the fundamental premise. & Ldquo; soft takeoff & rdquo; the key is to improve and institutional basis and innovative trading rules. The listed companies due to malicious financing and & ldquo; size of non & rdquo; crazy holdings triggered the stock market crash and the regulators this happened, replica gucci belts capital market system will be incomplete exposed. Some of the various systems in an already busy & ldquo; patching & rdquo; at the same time, we recommend replica designer belts Securities Regulatory Commission formulated the basic plan and the list of securities legislation in the next five years, to speed up the system & ldquo; the waste, change, Li & rdquo; and innovation from stable to enhance the international competitiveness of capital markets, long-term position as soon as possible to prevent the establishment and improvement of the system of capital market rises and falls, increased trading tools, complete refinancing system.