Jurassic park was opening the threshold, the prehistoric monsters have been popped out, Andre drummond, it is one of the most extremely striking.

Just entered the NBA, MMO4pal is Chinese lovers called as "god" zhuang, more because of his English name, but now another layer of meaning. In the first ten games, drummond is averaging 16. 8 points, 19. 3 rebounds, and nearly 20 + 20 files; Three games to acquire 20 + 20, the league to conquer; On November 9, and the Portland trail blazers, drummond boom 29 details, rebounds, and this is the second season 25 + 25, is also a 3 rd career, one of the effective players, Dwight Howard and 's Jefferson came second, only 2 times.

But with the enthusiast, the king's two away games, drummond, both games are 14. 0 points, 16. 0 rebounds, and failed to keep averaging double data associated with 20. He is a flash inside pan data brushes, or are in the evolution in the true god? fifagli20