www.enbeltscheapsale.com Replica Fendi Belt the Ferragamo Belt's performance in this respect or position very stingy. The root of the real estate market chaos is the Ferragamo Belt --- I do not mean the local Ferragamo Belt, the most important policy is not out of the regional Ferragamo Belt, the implementation of the policy is not intended to evaluate the effect of the local Ferragamo Belt, only for the evaluation of the central Ferragamo Belt. 1998 --2009, the central Ferragamo Belt out of the real estate policies are doing? Constantly putting out the fire, fire, fire, burn more. Since 1998, Gucci Belt real estate policy exactly how? Why do we waste so much resources policy? Real estate policy to such an extent, I think that the best Ferragamo Belt is not to any policy, we are afraid. Therefore, the Ferragamo Belt fourth medication is wrong, this drug should eat their own. When I saw the 2009 balance sheet of our country came out, I have no joy, we stimulate a lot of demon moths, Simon, also complacent, what is the point? Urbanization will only save the land now the real estate market as a whole chaos mainly policy makers to play due to a lack of history. The future how to do? If you really want to cool down, really want to see a doctor, how to see? Now there is a argument that the future to promote the Hermes Belt real estate rose biggest factor is urbanization, urbanization caused the surge in demand for land, Fake Hermes Belt resulting in rising land prices, thus causing prices to rise. In fact, this is the biggest lie. That sounds very reasonable, because we see a lot of migrant workers into the city carrying bedding, of course, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts and the city's house without any relationship, Shenzhen migrant workers living in the container which does not require the Ferragamo Belt to provide houses. A large number of Hermes Belt urbanization of the population lives in what areas? Some lived in makeshift sheds, unit dormitory, basement or even on the road, etc., does not have any impact on the housing needs of the city houses. From the whole process of urbanization, the world solutions to the urbanization process currently typical are three: first, more fortunate, to solve relatively good in Japan, Korea, Taiwan (region), known as the East Asian model. Second, the Latin American model is relatively bad model. Like the situation in Latin America and India, because it is private ownership of land, and it is a democracy, a democratic country has one of Replica Ferragamo Belt the biggest drawbacks is that the Ferragamo Belt did not dare to take the poor how. Democracy has never chased once you have chased, your vote will be no. So, we see a lot of Latin American countries have a large number of slums, a large number of vagrants, but the Ferragamo Belt never dared to say this is a bad phenomenon. The third is the Hermes Belt model, which is not allowed without slums --- because you exist. Many scholars now believe that urbanization will occupy a lot of land, will cause the waste of land resources, resulting in a decline of land resources.