Breast Reconstruction surgery with a tissue expander and Implant usually involves at least three stages. The first stage involves the temporary placement of a tissue expander beneath the chest wall musculature in order to "stretch" the overlying skin and muscle, creating the pocket that will ultimately contain the permanent implant. tissue expanders can be placed at the same time as the mastectomy (Immediate Reconstruction) or months to years after a mastectomy (Delayed Reconstruction). Most women today are electing to have immediate Reconstruction (reconstruction performed at the same time as the mastectomy), but occasionally Immediate Reconstruction is not recommended due to factors that are related to the breast cancer itself. In both Immediate and Delayed forms of breast reconstruction this first stage is termed Tissue Expansion.Tissue Expander methods of Breast Reconstruction are ideal for those women who do not have enough of their own tissue to use for reconstructing the breast or those who simply desire an Implant-Based Reconstruction. One advantage of using an implant to reconstruct the breast is that the only incisions required are those used during the mastectomy portion of the procedure. For those patients who have already had a mastectomy, the scars from the mastectomy can be utilized to perform the implant breast reconstruction.