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Full Version: Abusive Brother
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I dont like or cet along with my brother. Growing up my mother would always complain that my brother was annoying her, which made going out any where really stressful for me. I had to hear my mother mumble under her breathe how hé was making her mad. I wish she would of kept her comments to herself because it made things so stressful for me. I felt like she was expecting me to do something, yell at him, get mad at him so he would stop. I hated that my mother never yelled at my brother for anything. She couldnt control him she was too incompétent. I was thé one who was expected to cook and clean up after everyone. If i asked my brother to help with chores hé would fly off the handle and call me names. My brother world torture my cat. I couldnt say anything because hé world yell throw à fit call me names and my mom would get mad at me and id get in trouble for making him mad. What the heck!? He tortured my poor cat to the point where he would point his fingers at her face and make this noise and it would make the cat shake her jaw because it bothered her. Then theres the spinal tap he would call and to do to torture my cat. I would always complain that he was abusing my cat to my mom but she wouldnt say anything to him and of course or was my fault again because he cant control his temper. Bull crap! I honestly dont like my brother, hes curel to animals, hé's obnoxious, crosses personal bonderies and doesnt know how to take no for an answer. I feel very uncomfortable around him. I refuse to go anywhere with him. I dont attend any of their get togethers when he comes around. I get panick attacks, anxiety. He makes sure to let me know how stupid I am to him, knowing i have à learning disability. Hé's toxic to be around. I'm trying to suround myself with positive vibes so i can get my life together. Being around him makes me feel like i want to puke, i start shaking, i feel like i want to puke and i have panick attacks. The reason im writing this is, is because my brother is doing the same thing to my son as he did with my cat. He is constantly teasing my son, has done it ever since hé was little. He teased and scared my son so much that hé is afraid of spiders because of it and still is to this day. I had to live with my mother and brother because i had no where else to go. My brother would tease him with his food, saying and trying to take it away from him. M'y brother would never wash his hands they would smell like ass, he would touch my sons face and when i would go to kiss him i could smell it all over his face. I fought so much with my mother and brother about what they were doing was wrong,but they would always throw my faults in my face to justify what they were doing was completely ok. No apologies, no seeing what they were doing was abuse and wrong. If i wanted a place to stay i better keep my mouth shut if i dont want to end up homeless. Ive built up so much rage and hate for them. They dont like seeing their faults because theyre too damn delusuonal to see it or maybe they do and they're just monsters. One day i had gotten up in the morning because i heard my son downstairs, so i raced down to see what he was getting into and i saw my son sliding down my brothers legs, he was sitting on the couch with no pants on with a blanket covering his lap. Hé was holding the blanket up over is crotch area, it looked odd. Why would you hold the blanket up? He was trying to hide he was aroused. The whole situation looked weird. My brother told me he liked sliding down his leg while hes holding the blanket up so i cant see that he was aroused. I was mortified and disgusted by what i had just walked into. I'm not positive if my brother was sexually abusing my son by having him sit on his lap and let him slide down his leg with his hard on. But what i saw looked like exactly just that! I was mortified. I couldnt tell my mother she wouldnt believe me and id get deemed the lair becausr she always takes his side. My brother is constantly teasing and scaring my son, hé's an sadistic jerk who gets off on stuff like that. He jokes and calls himself Michael Jackson. He dressed up like michael jackson for halloween and attached à babydolls face to his crotch area. I thought it was gross and not funny at all. He calls our moms phone to talk to my son, he buys him gifts and my son likes him for these reasons. It kills me inside because dont not want him near my son. I dont know what to do to keep him away without my son and my monter hating me for it. My brother will mannipulate them into hating me for it. I dont know what to do. Im stuck living with my mom until i can save some money up to get out of this nightmare. Every time my brother comes around i get bad panick attacks, anxiety and i feel like im going to throw up. I never want to see that abuser again.
Your brother needs to visit medical counselor or rehab center. Talk to your mother and understand her calmly about this.
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