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Full Version: Brother Took Nudes Of Sister
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I learned my brother was taking pictures of me while I was undressing. He's a teen and I'm a few years younger than him. I'm not sure what to do. I already told my mom and we're still figuring it out. Have people who suffered sibling molestation or rape, had this happen to them in the early stages?

I'm not sure what to think.
I'm Chris and I had a bad experience with my brother too when I was an adolescent.
Looking to your photos can be an alarm sign so please be careful. You were right to talk with your mom; it's important she keeps being aware of what we'll happen in the next future.
I can suggest your mom to look for a professional help a juvenile psychologist who can talk to your brother and find if there is something wrong in him.
My mom didn't follow this last advice and my brother didn't ever faced his problem with sex so he still has this kind of obsession.
Hope you'll solve this problem as soon as possible.
Bye and goof luck!
I agree with Chris. And I also think your brother needs a professional help that might help him if anything isn't doing right.
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