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Full Version: Fear Of Failure
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Hi There...

Here i just want to share with you my fear . I fear from everything taking decision, changing job, meeting people,giving opinion, fear of failure i am full of fear. I know about my fear but i can not deal with it and let it happen. Now in few month i am going to marry and my fear has started about marriage some time i think about kill my self but i manage my self that time when this thought come into my mind.

But i really can not live like this anymore i do want to change but i can not i am so depressed i do not meet people i just go at job and come back at night and sleep thats my daily routine in everything i want to be perfect than wanna do that thing but i never become perfect and think after some time i am exactly same place where i was before i never change.I am really so frustrated and i do not belive in my self anymore i think everybody is more talented than me i never try to change my job i have been doing job since 4 i want to change job but i can not i have fear of failure what would other people think about me etc.... Please anybody this forum please help me to get out from this situation how i cop this problems. I know nobody in this world can change without me but however i just want to your supportive and inspirational words.

Having a fear is somehow normal for us, of course we will worry and we don't want failure, but it doesn't that we are useless if we fail, we fail for the consequence that there is something lacking to us, like we don't have confidence or the thing that we don't have yet any good experience regarding with that thing, experience is our great teacher, be not afraid to commit mistake of failure, but be sure not to commit the same mistake.
You will have to bring changes to your life style. Try to be positive in thinking. Also share with your close friends. Do things that will boost your confidence and trust in yourself. Life is a gift, so live it with happiness and love with no fear.
I agree with Kevin. Try to be positive in thinking.
I got it, but this fear is also a kind of feeling dear, you should try to control it. think positive matter and every situation comes in your life should have a positive thinking.
Life is full of fears, but we have to deal with it, we overcome them and learn from them. That's life, just have a positive outlook in life.
If still you are suffering from this problem then cope your fear. Keep your mind away from negative thinking and start to think good.
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