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Eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and avoid junk food and eat meat and natural juices.Do exercise and get good result.
Here are some Healthy Tips:

Sleep well
Eat a healthy balanced diet
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
Eat less salt and sugar
Go daily for morning walk
Add physical activities to your day
I think all us who want to live healthy and fit need to take good care of our diet like eating fresh vegetables, fruits and juices. Do some regular walk and exercise to digest our food and stay fit. Try to live happy and not to get worry on little things.
I think each one of us want to live a healthy life but we cannot live a healthy life without doing anything. There are things we must need to do
-have a good sleep
-eat healthy and nutritious food
-have a balance diet
-be always happy
Our skin comes in contact with many different things such as the weather, clothes, soaps and lotions, and a variety of beauty products. Many of us will have a skin rash from time to time, but people with eczema have very sensitive skin and chronic skin problems. Read on to learn about eczema and what treatment options are available.

Annual Checkup Components:

1. Physical examination & immunizations
2. Screening for physical problems (e.g, vision & hearing screening, selected laboratory tests)
3. History/key developments since last visit
4. Monitor development (information obtained through medical examination, by asking questions and through general discussion
5. Observation of parent-youth interaction
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Eat the right number of calories for how active you are, so that you balance the energy you consume with the energy you use. If you eat or drink too much, you’ll put on weight. If you eat and drink too little, you’ll lose weight. The average man needs around 2,500 calories a day (10,500 kilojoules). The average woman needs 2,000 calories (8,400 kilojoules). Most adults are eating more calories than they need, and should eat fewer calories.
Eat a wide range of foods to ensure that you’re getting a balanced diet and that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.
Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads which provide you minerals and vitamins. Also take dry friuts such as almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts etc. Whole grain, pulses, condients are also useful to be healthy. Take milk and milk products to keep yourself fit and fine, also perform some physical exercises daily.
Following tips are:
1.Make at least half your grains whole grains.
2.Vary your veggies.
3.Get your calcium-rich foods.
4.Go lean with protein
People are living longer and life expectancy continues to improve around the globe.
Living well is key to ensuring that older people remain healthy, the Heart Foundation says.
Your food and physical activity choices each day affect your health.
Choose a change that you can make today, and move toward a healthier you.
Vary your veggies
Focus on fruit
Get your calcium-rich foods
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