Benign Essential Tremor is a progressive neurological disorder Tremor. It is a kind of neurological movement disorder categorized by spontaneous fine periodic tremor of body portions principally the hands and arms. It can also cause difficulties in articulating speech a condition known as Dysarthia. The condition worsens over time but initially it isnít of much importance and people tend to ignore it. In order to avoid further deterioration one should control it immediately as soon as the symptoms inaugurate. The tremor is usually occurred while freely upholding a static posture against gravity which is termed as Postural Tremor or while carrying out certain goal-directed activities termed as kinetic intention tremor. Tremor is not present while a person is resting or in conditions when the muscles that are affected are not in activated mode. In extremely severe cases patients can also suffer from resting tremors which is a condition in which a person can suffer from tremors even in the rest position and this sort of tremor is in the form of pain even when the person is in resting mode.