A Few years back i was involved in a abusive, controlling relationship where i felt i had no way out. My partner would constantly accuse me of cheating and texting people i 'wasn't supposed to text', it started by my partner coming home every night and checking my phone, i became so paranoid even though i had nothing to hide, and as time went on the checkups became more frequent and my fear began to show, this was when my partner assumed i was cheating, and took my phone away for long stretches at a time. We had recently moved to the country away from my family and friends and my moblie was the only thing i had to keep in touch with everyone i needed to help me, so when my partner had my phone i had no one and was alone and scared, until i found out about FYP forgot your phone, 'www.forgotyourphone.com' which i began to use it let me put all my contacts on it and i could access it without my phone, via a computer which my partner never found out about. After this i began seeking advice and found my way out of my relationship. I put my faith in the people that made the website 'forgotyourphone' because without them i would of had no way out, so i wanted to share my experience with people who are maybe in the same situation as me!