I apologize if I have a hard time organizing my thoughts as I have never experienced anything like this in my life.

I met my fiance years ago, but we have recently reconnected and are now engaged. He is an amazing man and, until a few days ago, I had no idea he was holding this in. He revealed to me that he was touched by a family member (I believe his brother, but he won't tell me who) from the ages of 9-11. At the time, he didn't realize what was happening was wrong. Then at age 13, the perpetrator tried to abuse him again and he stopped it. He has nightmares often and suffers from high anxiety. He has never told anyone before and his main concern is that if he does tell someone that his family will be torn apart. He has confided in me on the basis that I tell no one. In one specific instance, the perpetrator forced my fiance to expose himself to another child (who may also have been a victim of the same person). My fiance is afraid that because of this, he could face criminal action. I listened to his story, I comforted him, and I tried to tell him that he is a VICTIM and not to blame, but he does not believe it. He blames himself for the abuse and refuses to seek help, for fear that it will be reported and his family will suffer.

We are planning to get married early next year and we want to start a family together. But my fiance keeps mentioning that he is afraid that the perpetrator is going to "point a finger" at him and he will go to jail. I know that won't happen; he did nothing wrong, but he refuses to believe that. He is scared that we will start a family and our children will be taken from us because he exposed himself when he was 11.

Obviously, I can't do much more than what I have been doing: listening, comforting, trying to reassure him that everything will be okay. But he needs help dealing with his nightmares and anxiety. I've tried to research tools that would help, but I am overwhelmed with information. What else can I do?