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Full Version: Breathing Problem!
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I want to notify you that I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor, I just want to find out anything before it's too late!


Sometimes I'll just be sitting, and boom.
This unexplained, yet terrifying, closing sensation hits my throat right where the border of the chest is (lower neck)
It only happens for a split second, but it's been bother me like so.
I have asthma and all, but I used my inhaler 2 times a day, and it's strong.

This might not be the best place to post, idk.
Just help me out with some suggestions.

It's weird, because I can still breath, but it feels like it's closing.

Is this my heart skipping a beat? it's too fast for just a main throat closing.
I'm only 12.
And, im 210 pounds and 65 inches.
I also feel a thump in my chest after it happens.
Well as you say , you are suffering from asthma. You have written symptoms related to asthma. You are also quite younger. Do you exercise daily which would warm up your body. Yeah you should consult a doctor before doing regular exercises. This would benefit you. Start slowly with some exercises.
In such case you make a good decision to consult your doctor. Also in such condition take deep breaths called sighing. It's proposed to keep all of your lungs ventilated.
God bless and keep you healthy.

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