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Full Version: What Is The Toughest Experience You Had In Recovery?
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Kindly share the toughest experience you had during addiction recovery and how you got over it. We will all learn from it. Thank you.
I have been using/abusing drugs for over 35 years. 99% of the drugs I get, I buy from dealers. Rarely do I get a script from a doctor. I was on methadone for 3 years then started doing xanax. So I was taking about 40mg methadone and 8-12mg xanax a day. Did that for about a year. Then I fell apart. Lost my job and had to move my wife and 2 kids to a hotel. I had to quit and it had to be cold turkey. With in about 6 hours the xanax with drawls started. In 24 hours I was shaking with very bad body/anxiety rushes. Then the throwing up and ####ting water. 3 days and nights no sleep at all and very sick. About the 4th day the methadone with drawls started. Long story short I was very sick for about 4 weeks straight. After I started to feel better found another job. Then I wanted to score. I did not care that the hell I went through. I just wanted to get high. And I did. So It seems the toughest part of all this is staying clean. And that I am doing all this with no help at all.
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