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Full Version: What Is The Toughest Experience You Had In Recovery?
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Kindly share the toughest experience you had during addiction recovery and how you got over it. We will all learn from it. Thank you.
I have been using/abusing drugs for over 35 years. 99% of the drugs I get, I buy from dealers. Rarely do I get a script from a doctor. I was on methadone for 3 years then started doing xanax. So I was taking about 40mg methadone and 8-12mg xanax a day. Did that for about a year. Then I fell apart. Lost my job and had to move my wife and 2 kids to a hotel. I had to quit and it had to be cold turkey. With in about 6 hours the xanax with drawls started. In 24 hours I was shaking with very bad body/anxiety rushes. Then the throwing up and ####ting water. 3 days and nights no sleep at all and very sick. About the 4th day the methadone with drawls started. Long story short I was very sick for about 4 weeks straight. After I started to feel better found another job. Then I wanted to score. I did not care that the hell I went through. I just wanted to get high. And I did. So It seems the toughest part of all this is staying clean. And that I am doing all this with no help at all.
Sometimes the one thing you need when the dook hits the fan is to know someone else understands.
Like seriously understands.
This is why we gravitate towards blogs where we can relate.
I would love for you (beg of you) to share the hardest thing you have ever been through with us.
Not for the sake of healing for yourself, although this is always good, but for the sake of others.
So we know that someone else has been through what we may be going through…

Make sure you leave your email addy in case someone wants to talk…
I’ll go first.
Probably my anxiety attack 8 years ago where I became absolutely home ridden and could not go out nor do my job for months.
It was the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome because I felt so alone.
But with the Lord, my family, my church, and some good serotonin balancing, I was soon able to continue hustlin.
But it sucked and the thorn has not left me. Probably be around forever.
My recovery is ongoing right now so the toughest that I experience when I start quitting drinking I struggle a lot I all the pain and cravings.
Drug addiction cause more illness. A person who is addicted for drug or alcohol. He must be totally upset by physically or mentally.some rehabe center provide some technique.
"Addiction" has easily become one of the most stigmatized words in the English language. It invokes a sense of severity. It signifies a medical diagnosis. It indicates that a person needs an intervention -- and soon -- before being lost entirely. But you don't need to be an addict to benefit from the process of recovery.
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