Hello. I want to remain annonmouss please/ You will understand when you read my email.

I just turned 27 years old very devoted Muslim girl. I am married with a wonderful husband. He works in IT and I am a stay at home mom who is on the internet much too often. We have three cute and precious children. I am very happy with my family but something is starting to change that. I was raised in Jordan. We went to a very good school and Quran school. I learned to memorize most of the Quran at a young age. This is the first time I am opening up about this and REALLY need your advice/
My parents sent me to this Quran boarding in Jordan school for girls for 3 months out of the year every year since I was very little (I was the only one accepted out of my family. my brothers and sisters leaned from the Mosque). I learned a lot. You see I lost my father when I was young (12-17 years I was his student) and the man who headed and taught the school and his wife where very helpful in helping me heal in ways no one ever did!! I loved my teacher, he was the greatest man I ever knew. I have 2 brothersand 1 sister all younger than me.
But Abu, my teacher and the school mater, that trained me he and I and I were very close, even sexually in that school but we kept it secret. He was a very kind man who really knew how to teach well and“whatever. He taught me from the Quran how our relationship is blessed by God and we had a mini secret marriage so it would be holy. His wife was the one who gave me birth control pills to save my family and myself the shame. They never knew. She said she did it for other girls to. I am very grateful to her for being a mentor and confidant. We kept our sexual relationship till until my family moved to the UK. But this is a shameful thing in my past I don't talk to people about it but now I have to because it is killing me inside. If my parents found out I would be dead DEAD. I learned ALOT about my body and sex and i am grateful to have learned these things from Abu. it was an amazing sexual experiuence over all. When I got married I lied to my husband like many of the girls I know to say I was a virgin. Otherwise I would never get married. The strange thing is that it has not bothered me or haunted me like I hear on Oprah and others who had these experiences. I do not have ill feelings toward this man and his wife. They are people I still respect because of how ethical and kind they have treated my family through out the years. They paid for all my education and my brothers and sisters as well. They provided meals for us when my mother did not have enough, etc. When we see them as a family we just pretend this stuff never happened. I never bring it up and he or his wife never do. . I asked around if anyone else had my experience and no one would talk about it. It is a very shameful thing for a Muslim Arab girl to talk about these things!! But my aunt, who is about my age, opened up to me and told me she had similar experiences with this man. She is also married now with Five children and wants to leave the past in the past. She begged me not to tell anyone about him and to just leave things as they are since we both went through it and we turned out OK.

That was 10 years ago. However, they Abu and his wife fly to the US to visit every so often. I recently started to share with some of my close friends about it and they tell me to expose this man. He is still teaching now.
It would be devastating to our family to bring this news out about what he did with me and the other girls because of the shame factor. I would never bring that kind of shame on him, my family or my religion. I respect him. Am I weird and crazy?? His school and he have such a good reputation. My American friends tell me I am evil for not waniting to trun him in!. I feel so mistrable because of what they tell me I am wicked. But my experience was good over all at that school. But they make me feel horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am depressed about this. know what to do!! Please help me from going crazy…I don’t know what to do..i need help to think about this. I need someone who will not judge me. I feel so alone.
PLEASE respond to jjordan2011@mail.com