<p><strong>Growing Pains 115 </strong><strong>Slice of Life II</strong></p>
<p>Ben: Woooo <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg</a></strong> !!<br>Carol: Give it back!<br>Ben: No way!<br>Carol: Give it back!<br>Ben: No way! Look out Mom, she's a wild woman!<br>Maggie: Ok, stop it! Both of you. Now what did I tell you about disturbing your father this weekend?<br>Carol: Well in a nutshell , you told us not to.<br>Maggie: Mmm. And if you did?<br>Ben: You'd hang us by our thumbs in the basement.<br>Maggie: That's right. Now get me the rope.<br>Jason: Arrgghh<br>Ben: Dad, I'm confident when you hear my story...<br>Jason: Arrghh!!<br>Ben: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong!!<br>Carol: Dad, I tried to tell Ben to be quiet, but he didnít listen? No! He persisted...<br>Jason: Arrgghh!!<br>Carol: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong!!<br>Maggie: How's the paper coming honey <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg boots</a></strong> ?<br>Jason: Arrgghh!!<br>Maggie: I agree completely. But don't worry, you'll get it done. Now, how do you want your eggs?<br>Jason: Arrgh.<br>Maggie: I'm sorry, I think we're out of Tabasco.<br>Jason: Arrgh.<br>Maggie: I'll find some. I'll find some. Here, take this. This'll get you started and I'll bring the rest out in a minute.<br>Jason: Aahh.</p>
<p>(Mike skateboards into the kitchen and knocks his Jason over.)<br>Mike: Mom, did you just wax this floor? 'Cause I picked up an incredible amount of speed...<br>Jason: Aarrgghhh!!!!<br>Mike: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong!!<br>Maggie: Jason, Jason, go back to work. I'll take care of this.<br>Jason: Aarrghh!!<br>Mike: Mom, it was an accident I swear.<br>Maggie: Mike, this is your last warning. If we catch you skateboarding in the house again, you lose your phone privileges, your stereo, and your allowance for two months.<br>Mike: Mom!!<br>Maggie: Aarrghh!!<br>Mike: Ok <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg classic mini</a></strong> !
<p>Maggie: Oh hi Ritchie.<br>Ritchie: Hi Mrs. Seaver.<br>Carol: Oh no.<br>Maggie: Ritchie, didn't you collect for the paper yesterday?<br>Ritchie: Oh, this isn't a professional visit Mrs. Seaver, I'm here...<br>Carol: Ritchie, I told you to meet me at the library.<br>Ritchie: Well, I just thought...I mean, in the light of our new relationship and all...Well that we could work here.<br>Mike: Relationship!!?? What are you guys now? Like boyfriend and girlfriend, huh? Kind o' going steady.<br>Ritchie: Didn't she tell you? Carol and I are married.<br>Maggie: It's a Social Studies project.<br>Ritchie: Yeah. We have to work out a budget for a married couple.<br>Carol: A simulated married couple.<br>Mike: Ah, come on guys. I can feel the love in this room. So what brought you two kids together anyway?<br>Ritchie: Destiny . Oh, and the fact that I paid off all the other guys in class, so they wouldn't pick you.<br>Carol: What? Ritchie, you...you bought me?<br>Ritchie: Yeah. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.<br>Carol: That's it! I am not doing this project with you. Now out!<br>Ritchie: If we don't turn the paper in Monday, we get an F.<br>Mike: Ohh. I can see the headlines now, "Carol Seaver gets an F. Nation in shock!! President to fly back from Santa Barbara!!"<br>Maggie: Mike!<br>Carol: Ah. Come on Ritchie. Let's get this over with.<br>Ritchie: Ready when you are...Dear <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg boots ireland</a></strong> .<br>Mike: Ah, isn't that cute?<br>Maggie: Not another word.(He hums "Here comes the Bride" .)Mike
<p>Maggie: Hi.<br>Jason: Thanks honey. Just set it on the desk there please.<br>Maggie: Ok. Sure. Listen Jason. Why don't you take a break? We could have a little chat.<br>Jason: Oh, I can't honey. I really gotta get this done.<br>Maggie: Oh? But how about a short break? And then we could talk and...<br>Jason: Maggie, no. I really gotta finish up here.<br>Maggie: But don't you think a little conversation and...<br>Jason: Maggie!! What do you want to talk about?<br>Maggie: Who me? Oh nothing.<br>Jason: Ok.<br>Maggie: Gosh. Look at this picture of the kids. Mike must have been about eight years old.<br>Wasn't he a cutely pie?<br>Jason: I believe the word his second grade teacher used was, "devil boy".<br>Maggie: Oh, come on. He sent her a card in the hospital.<br>Jason: Yeah.<br>Maggie: Oh and look at Carol. She was always such a quick learner.<br>Jason: Yeah. That's why she's got alphabet soup up her nose <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg ireland</a></strong> .<br>Maggie: Yeah. Little Ben, he was always such happy baby.<br>Jason: Yeah. I remember the way he used to laugh, every time he'd fill a diaper.<br>Maggie: Oh yeah!! Ha ha. You know? I was over at Ellen Harper's the other day, and I saw Jessica take her first steps...<br>Jason: Aha.<br>Maggie: Oh, it was so exciting.<br>Jason: I would think so. The girl's seventeen.<br>Maggie: You're thinking of Marjorie.<br>Jason: Marjorie, yes...<br>Maggie: Anyway Jason you should have seen it. Jessica stood up on her chubby little legs, and took three chubby little steps and then fell on her chubby little face. Ha ha!! Jason, do you ever think about having another child?<br>Jason: Oh yes I do Maggie, yes. Sometimes I even dream about it.<br>Maggie: You do?<br>Jason: Aha. And then I wake up...screaming.<br>Maggie:oh,Jason<br>Jason: Maggie, I know what you're going through.<br>Maggie: You do?<br>Jason: Yes. It's a syndrome. And it's very common among women of your age, who suddenly feel the urge to have one more baby.<br>Maggie: Well, what's wrong with that?<br>Jason: Well nothing. Except, you've just gone back to work. And we'd have to add a room on to the house. Anyway, I thought we already had the family we wanted <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg bailey button</a></strong> .<br>Maggie: Oh come on Jason. Those are just rationalizations . Now stop and think about it for a minute. Can you give me one real reason why we shouldn't have another child?<br>Jason: Wait here. (He brings in Mike.)
<p>Carol: Ok. Next we have to go over the basic home expenses; water, heat, gas, electrics. Are you with me?<br>Ritchie: 'Til death do us part.<br>Mike: Hey, I haven't seen you crazy kids since you got back from the honeymoon. Hey Ritchie, did you have any trouble finding a hotel that would take pets?<br>Carol: Mike!<br>Ritchie: It's alright Carol. I'll handle this. Mike...I'll have to ask you to take that back.<br>Mike: No, no, Ritchie, don't get me wrong. I mean Carol's a great catch, and as soon as she's cleaned, scaled and deboned, she's fine.<br>Ritchie: Hey now I'm warning you Mike! Nobody talks to my simulated wife like that. 'Cause simulated or not, I love her.<br>Carol: Aaarrrghh!!!<br>Ritchie: Ah. Now see what you've done? Honey, don't cry. Your Ritchie's coming.<br>Mike: Hey Ben:hey hey hey<br>(Mike skating)<br>Ben: What are you crazy? Mom told you not to do that.<br>Mike: What are gonna do? Tell on me?<br>Ben: I'm kicking it around.<br>Mike: How you gonna prove it <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg classic tall</a></strong> ? (skateboard crashes through the window)<br>Ben: Oh, I don't think evidence will be such a problem.<br>Mike: Ben! Ben! Ben! What can I say about you that hasn't already been said?<br>Ben: That I'm about to become a rich man.<br>Mike: Look Ben! You've gotta take the rap for me here. Now you're a first time offender, Mom and Dad will only make you pay for the window, and I'll pay you back for that.<br>Ben: That, plus thirty Bucks.<br>Mike: Thirty Bucks??<br>Ben: Overhead.<br>Mike: Ben, I don't have that kind 'o money!<br>Ben: I'm sorry to hear that Mike.<br>Jason: Hey, what's going on in there!!??<br>Mike: Ben, you're my brother, I love you!!<br>Ben: Gee, Mike, I'm gonna cut you some slack here. 'Cause after all, money isn't that important. Is it Mike?<br>Mike: No, no.<br>Ben: What's more important, is what one human being can do for another human being.<br>Mike: Right, right.<br>Ben: That's why I'd like you to be my personal servant for the weekend.<br>Mike: What? You little...<br>Jason: What was that noise in here <strong><a href="http://www.irelandbootsugg.com/">ugg classic cardy</a></strong> ?<br>Maggie: Ah!</p>