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I'm wondering if other people from dysfunctional families find that they tend to end up in relationships with other people who had dysfunctional or abusive families.

My wife and most of the women I have dated before I met her overwhelmingly had come from some kind of dysfunctional or abusive family life. When I was in counseling for my family trauma issue I mentioned it to my therapists and she said that its quite common for people with a similar experiential background to be attracted to each other. Often this occurs even though you don't explicitly know at the time about the other persons history.

Is this a common experience for other people here?
Makes sense to me....people who speak the same emotional language would find each other.
The impact of trauma is devastating and the single most important thing in a suvivors life until they have dealt with it.......
The limits it puts on a person makes them unavailable to someone who has not suffered this kind of thing........A person who has not suffered trauma would not be interested in someone who is so affected.......the only people who can relate to the madness are other survivors......others would not put up with someone being so dysfunctional......they would not be attracted.

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