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Full Version: Anemia
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What are the suggested treatments for anemia?
Actually the treatment for anemia can vary from person to person. It will depend upon whether the individual is not getting enough iron in the diet, not able to absorb iron or maybe losing small amounts over time due to alcoholic gastritis to medication to abuse of tumors. The doctor may recommend iron-rich foods to be included in the diet such as liver, seafood, dried fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Even the intake of folic acid needs to be increased through foods such as poultry, cheese, milk, eggs, liver, green leafy vegetables, raw fruits, lima and kidney beans. Other therapies may include oxygen, fluids, fresh frozen plasma, and platelet replacement. Of course these will depend upon the underlying cause of anemia. Consumption of a healthy diet including iron-containing foods and those with B-complex vitamins is essential to developing and maintaining a satisfactory blood count. First figure out what type of anemia you are dealing with. There are about 400 of them. Just like you even I went about seeking info on anemia when I landed on this goldmine of a site called and what I have mentioned above is just a tip of the iceberg. Do pay a visit whenever you have time.
Thanks for suggesting different ideas and treatment
to cure anemia, this is really going to help me. You have
done really good work here.
Well, I am not aware of detaled things about anemia but I know for sure that it has got a cure in herbal and natural remedies to cure anemia.
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